Sue Hayes - The TARKINE Talks

Musings and unmentionable acts by Sue Hayes

TARKINE IN MOTION – Frankland River Camp April 2017



we stand tall  quiet    observing listening

as the men approach in their hard hats

and high vis vests

they wear strange cushioned headpieces

and cannot hear our silent protests

the machines start up

we wave them back

a clamour and wheeze    a choked cough    a hack

they sound unwell as the engines ignite

and teeter and jerk as they crawl heavy and ungrateful

over our feet

without warning they scoop  scuttle  gouge indiscriminately

metallic arms clumsy in their grasping reaching wide

thrashing at air angry and aimless

a huge cold pincer clamps on my body    crushes my ribs      

snaps my torso

like paper I splinter    buckle under the pressure

my feet once rooted are torn apart

clumsy gashes   I bleed brown

I think for a moment perhaps some tenderness as they cradle me sideways

pulling me down

but no        they release their grip and I fall upon my discarded brothers and sisters

snapped and broken   blistered

lying heavy on our sides


we lay abandoned on the forest floor

our trunks bleached now grey and brittle

whatever for

I’m stumped




a tree










tender tissue

for your delicate arse

for all the shit you put on me



                      Still A

                    T R E E





Tree talk



didn’t move

but       raised one hand in a last neighbourly salute

                        an offering


didn’t scream

nor                   weep

they said that it was accustomed to     trauma


The wood talks            when its           p u l l e d  down


Like gossip

                        the stories start seeping

as the trees starts weeping

each layer of bark       holding             collective memories of time

inhaled in its leaves, stories shared upon the canopy

exhaling now only sadness




YOU Saw…….I Be…….


My hair tickles the sky and laughs at clouds as they pass by

My gnarled toes touch, inhabit, entwine, moss and vine, such earthly delights

The sun strips and peels and crackles my skin

Rains colour me blues and ashen hues, a pastel palette

But you……..


YOU hit me hard across my torso

Your hardened frame mechanised

YOU grunt and groan and brutalise


YOU desecrate

I oxygenate


I listen    YOU SHOUT

I yield     YOU block


YOU push      I fall


I fall

I break


I break

YOU take


YOU take

YOU saw


But you did not see

I be………


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