Overview and Itinerary


Our plans are well advanced for this public showdown with the coal mining industry and its political backers. In the run-up to the federal election, the global mining giant looks set to start its colossal Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland.

Please now confirm your participation and officially register to join the convoy via the button below.



We look forward to you joining us. Almost 2000 people have inquired about joining the convoy.  It is a community commitment – an act of defiance for the future of our planet.  A peaceful protest against Gautam Adani’s mine.

We will depart from Hobart on April 17, sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania that evening.  We will pick up convoy participants at designated locations along the way, including Hobart, Melbourne, Albury, Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Mullumbimby, Brisbane, Yeppoon, Airlie Beach, Mackay, the Galilee Basin and Canberra.  We will be holding rallies in these places along the way. 




1. Wednesday 17th April 2019

  • Hobart to Devonport to Melbourne (overnight)
    Rally on Parliament Lawns, 8:30AM
    Departure Point: Salamanca Place, 9:30AM

2. Thursday 18th April 2019

  • Melbourne to Albury-Wodonga
    Rally in Melbourne and Departure Point held together: venue TBC

3. Friday 19th April 2019 (Good Friday) 

  • Albury-Wodonga to Sydney
    Departure: Gateway Lakes, Albury-Wodonga, 9:30AM

4. Saturday 20th April 2019 

  • Sydney to Coffs Harbour
    Rally in Sydney and Departure Point held together: Parramatta Park Bowling Green, 12 noon

5. Sunday 21st April 2019 (Easter Sunday)

  • Coffs Harbour (via Mullumbimby) to Brisbane
    Departure: Coffs Harbour showground, 8:30AM
    Rally at Mullumbimby showgrounds, 2:00PM

6. Monday 22nd April 2019 (Easter Monday) 

  • Brisbane
    Rally and March to Adani HQ: Queens Gardens, 1:00PM

7. Tuesday 23rd April 2019

  • Brisbane to Hervey Bay
    Departure Point: 7th Brigade Park, Chermside, 11:00AM

Tuesday 24th April – Thursday 25th April 2019

Travel Independently

8. Wednesday 24th April 2019

  • Hervey Bay to Rockhampton/Yeppoon
    No convoy activities today

9. Thursday 25th April 2019 – (Anzac Day)

  • Rockhampton/Yeppoon to Airlie Beach
    Departure point: Bell Park, Emu Park via Yeppoon, 11:00AM

10. Friday 26th April 2019

  • Airlie Beach Rally
    Overnight in Airlie Beach or Camp Nudja

11. Saturday 27th April 2019 

  • Airlie Beach / Camp Nudja via Mackay to Galilee Area
    Morning tea: Mackay, Jubilee Park,  10:00AM

12. Sunday 28th April 2019 

  • Special Event Galilee Area

Head south to Canberra Rally

13. Monday 29th April 2019

  • Galilee area to Rockhampton/Yeppoon

14. Tuesday 30th April 2019

  • Rockhampton/Yeppoon to Toowoomba

15. Wednesday 1st May 2019

  • Toowoomba to Armidale

16. Thursday 2nd May 2019

  • Armidale to Bathurst/Orange

17. Friday 3rd May 2019

  • Bathurst/Orange to Canberra

18. Saturday 4th May 2019

  • Preparation day in Canberra

19. Sunday 5th May 2019

  • Rally for Climate in Canberra


The Stop Adani Convoy has been scheduled although the mine has no final go-ahead and despite there being no date set for the federal election. The convoy’s aim is to keep Adani and climate change on voters’ minds as they go to the ballot box. May the next parliament move the nation out of extracting and burning fossil fuels! Our plans are strong and based on the best information available, but there is a chance the schedule could change. Bob Brown.









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  • Manderlee Anstice
    published this page in Events 2019-03-20 12:24:10 +1100
  • Peter Donley
    commented 2019-03-14 16:46:11 +1100
    I’m trying to contact Jasmine Wills for advice on my following concern.

    I am enrolled in the convoy and understand that you are the logistics organiser for the event.

    I have a question that relates to a concern I, and others I have spoken to, have about what to expect at each of the stopping points along the way.

    My wife and I intend to pitch and tent for the night at each town but if there are likely to be two to three hundred vehicles arriving at the same time all looking for accommodation with perhaps over half that number looking for a camp site we envisage that official camping areas will be overwhelmed.

    As it is not possible for everyone to book a camping space we foresee great confusing at each stopping points unless the convoy organisers have, or intend to, arranged with the local councils to make available alternative sites with facilities (showers and toilets) where tents can be erected, for example at showgrounds.
    Or will we have to drive on to nearby towns until we find anew approved campsite?

    Are you able to give us some indication of what you have arranged or what to expect.
  • Glenn Mullaney
    commented 2019-03-02 10:53:33 +1100
    Great… Checked, 9 hrs Airlie to Galilee? I’m registered, but some of the trips/times/distance maybe beyond me?
  • Steve Biddulph
    commented 2019-02-19 12:26:13 +1100
    This is wonderful of you to organize, and we’ll help any way we can, perhaps even be able to drive along some of the way. Looking for ways to raise funds right now, as that’s always needed. Much love and gratitude for getting it going. Steve Biddulph
  • Brennan Westworth
    commented 2019-02-12 16:16:12 +1100
    How many of these cars will be powered by fossil fuels?

    Better to walk it, you might just make it for the Grand Opening.
  • Alex van Diem
    commented 2019-02-09 19:35:09 +1100
    My Grandchildren, those here now, may live till the year 2100, Their future children may live to the year 2140. The massive problems that the government dismiss as far into the future i.e. 2100 are actually in your grandchild’s lifetime. Do something about that..now.
  • Alex van Diem
    followed this page 2019-02-07 14:55:03 +1100
  • Jo Truman
    commented 2019-02-06 22:25:36 +1100
    can anyone join the convoy? I would like to
  • Jo Truman
    commented 2019-02-06 22:25:35 +1100
    can anyone join the convoy? I would like to
  • Bronwen Algate
    commented 2019-02-06 18:19:45 +1100
    I would be interested in joining for a few days in April.
  • William Hamilton
    @Williamstory tweeted link to this page. 2018-12-22 10:37:30 +1100
    Stop Adani Convoy. There are no jobs on a dead planet. Embrace this special opportunity to make a positive impact on what is happening to our planet. https://www.bobbrown.org.au/stopadaniconvoy?recruiter_id=306079
  • Angela Wilson
    commented 2018-12-21 21:07:55 +1100
    I will be taking leave from my professional role as an intensive care nurse if it comes to this! No life on a dead planet.
  • Gaby Luft
    commented 2018-12-21 11:51:41 +1100
    SAFE TRAVELS + good onya 4 doing this on behalf of many who cant get away right now………
  • Frank Moeller
    commented 2018-12-20 22:18:07 +1100
    Should attract a convoy of gray nomads.