Save Tasmania's Forests: Virtual Rally

A response to Gutwein's misleading response to concerned citizens contacting him about the FPP now being open. 

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If you missed it, here is the complete virtual rally to watch: 




Share this short film to your online networks:




Make a poster, or use ours, and post a photo of you with the poster and the hashtag #SaveTassiesForests


Click here to download our poster






Donateat a 'real world' rally we would pass the buckets around to help cover the costs of the event and the continuing campaign.

Any donation you can toss in the 'online bucket' will be a huge help to keep this campaign going strong in these incredibly challenging times.




On Facebook tag @Peter Gutwein in the post, and ‘check in’ to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.


Click here for more detailed instructions



Email and call Peter Gutwein asking him to save Tassies forests, and not to log them.



Email and call local and national media informing them about the threat to Tasmania’s forests.



Sign the petition at:






Read the document "The lowdown on the Tasmanian Government’s plan to log converted nature reserves" to get all the facts.

Click here to download the document



You can make a submission to the Australian Government review of the EPBC Act.
The Regional Forest Agreements are exempt from the EPBC Act and this needs to end now. Make it clear in this biodiversity and climate crisis that the EPBC Act needs to be protecting our fauna and flora. Call on the Government to stop native forest logging and end the RFAs. The EPBC Act needs to have heavy penalties for breaches of the EPBC Act.
There needs to be an environment police force and the Commonwealth needs an environment court.


Take a look at these maps of the FPPFs (also including the PTPZ), plus some maps of the same area overlaid over Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney. Images can be found here:

The Independent Verification Group assessment of the 572,000 hectares of high conservation value forests nominated for protection included the 356 000 hectares of forests the government is now proposing to make available for logging.

The IVG assessment was a highly significant study that identified significant conservation values that would make a substantial contribution to the National Reserve System. The areas that were meant to be protected (and hitherto deferred from logging) are now vulnerable to logging despite an agreement by both state and federal governments and all IVG signatories that they would be bound by the IVG outcome.  


Read a copy of Christine Milne's talk about forest industry rorts from the Virtual Rally.


Download a copy here



Read a copy of Virgina Youngs talk notes from the Virtual Rally

Download a copy here



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  • Robyn Berthelsen
    commented 2020-04-12 12:51:00 +1000
    It’s about time Tasmanian Politics woke up to looking after the environment, which is far more important than people. Nature always wins!
  • Vanessa Howe
    followed this page 2020-04-09 06:13:43 +1000
  • Hannah Lewis
    commented 2020-04-08 13:44:17 +1000
    Would be good to add the link to the document into facebook and insta posts. Can you give a link