Scrap logging's exemption from environment laws - Brown

Media Release - Friday 3 February 2017


Environmentalist Bob Brown has called on the Turnbull government and the Shorten Labor Opposition to scrap the federal logging act which promotes the destruction of native forests and wildlife by making logging exempt from environmental laws.

Under the federal Regional Forest Agreement Act, 10 magnificent Australian forest regions, including Victoria's East Gippsland and all of Tasmania, were signed over for logging for 20 years at a time (1997) by John Howard and Liberal state Premiers.

East Gippsland's 20-year logging sentence is up today but federal and state governments look set to agree behind closed doors for it to be extended without public consultation or review.

"This process is a covert environmental outrage; owls, gliding possums, Tasmanian devils, giant crayfish and other threatened species are being condemned to head to extinction by the federal government. Industrial logging is also a major, unfactored cause of greenhouse gas emissions making climate change worse, and a very real threat to tourism industry.

"This is a growing issue for the next federal election and Labor has a real opportunity, starting with this East Gippsland logging agreement, to catch majority public opinion which is against broad-scale native forest destruction," Brown said.

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