Sarah Hanson-Young: BP decision means Great Australian Bight must be protected from future efforts to drill for oil


The Advertiser (Adelaide) ran an article by Sarah Hanson-Young pointing out that BP's recent withdrawal from the Great Australian Bight is not the end of the fight and that the Great Australian Bight should be given permanent protection.

"BP itself admitted that local job creation would be ‘negligible’ and that’s because almost all of the work would have gone to foreign labourers who were being readied to come here to do it on the cheap.

It’s disappointing that so many politicians have ignored the thousands of jobs that drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight would have put at risk."


"The Great Australian Bight Marine Park needs to be permanently protected.

I recently moved in the Parliament to make that area off-limits to companies that want to drill for oil and gas.

I hope that all of my South Australian Senate colleagues put our state’s interests first and vote to protect the irreplaceable Great Australian Bight for generations to come."

Read the full article on here.

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