Convoy Lauch Rally – Theresa Sainty Speech

pulingina! (Welcome)

kunanyi takamuna rrala lunta Nipaluna;

Timtumili Minanya; truwala nika – Kunanyi – milaythina mapiya-nara, milaytina Pakana.

Kunanyi stands as strong as ever behind Nipaluna; as she has since the beginning of time.

Timtumili Minanya (River Derwent), Kunanyi and country all around her is Aboriginal land. Lutruwita milaythina Pakana (Aboriginal land); ‘Australia’ is Aboriginal land.

For thousands of generations, our people have cared for this continent; conducting cultural ceremonies; passing the ancient systems of knowledge down from elders to children, and on to current generations. Their spirit remains strong – in country and in us.

Country is not just land; she is sea country and waterways – from beneath the earth to the sky. And waranta tangara (we weep bitterly) at the devastation our country is facing right now.

*800 year old Birthing trees in Victoria;

* Cable cars on Kunanyi & Mt. Roland;

*the onslaught of insensitive developments in other parts of Lutruwita.

*Aboriginal heritage under threat – IT IS OVERWHELMING! I want to mention the devastation of Notre Dame and the outcry of emotion, the pouring in of the dollars from politicians and people around the globe. Aboriginal heritage is under threat and is devastated on a daily basis – where is the outcry?

How much devastation can Ningi Manina (Mother Earth) endure?

How many more atrocities perpetrated on our country do we, her protectors, have to defend her against in actions such as this Convoy. We are at breaking point!

BOB BROWN – nina raytji pama (and that literally translates as “you are (the) number one white man”!). nayri nina-tu takamuna (thank you for standing) to defend our country, and particularly organising and leading this Stop Adani convoy. I have a message from the Tasmanian Aboriginal community to the Aboriginal people of Queensland(for you to deliver) – PAKANA LUTRUWITA TAKAMUNA NINA-MAPALI (the Tasmanian Aboriginal community stands with you).

nayri nina-tu nina-mapali (thank you to all of you) for being champions for our country.

tapilti nayri, nina-mapali – travel safely everyone. tapilti kani (go and tell) Adani, the governments of Queensland and Australia; the world - that enough is enough! makara Adani! Stope Adani.

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