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Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the convoy.  As this is a fast-moving campaign, the list will grow as further information becomes available, so check in from time to time to get the latest updates.


  1. When will the Stop Adani Convoy start?
    Our journey will begin when works enabling the mine begin in earnest. We will set definite dates for departures along the route, and arrival at basecamp, as soon as serious works begin.

  2. Who can go on the car convoy?
    Any adult citizen with a vehicle is welcome, with those they bring along. You will need to be in good health and responsible for any health problems that may arise.

  3. What do I need to commit to by being on the convoy?
    You will be asked to agree to a code of conduct for the convoy, which we will ask all participant to agree to prior to taking part. This includes, acting peacefully at all times and accept directives from organisers.

  4. What is the route?
    The route will start in Hobart and go via Melbourne, Albury, Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Mackay and Bowen.

  5. How long will the convoy take?
    We plan to take 14 days to drive from Hobart to Bowen.

  6. Will I need to be self-sufficient?
    Yes, you will need to pay for your own petrol, car maintenance, vehicle insurance, meals and accommodation and/or camping fees along the way.

  7. How do I join the car convoy?
    There will be designated locations along the route where you can join the convoy. We will publish details of exact locations as soon as we have more information but currently, these locations include the public meetings and events planned for Hobart, Melbourne, Albury, Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Hervey Bay and Mackay.

  8. Is the convoy legal?
    The convoy is a completely legal event and we ask that participants act lawfully at all times.

  9. How do we join the convoy along the way?
    A route map will be available before we set off from Hobart with rendezvous locations between Hobart and Bowen.

  10. Where will we be driving to?
    The community group Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) have a base camp, Camp Nudja, near Bowen where they will be organising campaign activities to Stop Adani.  The convoy finishes when it arrives at Camp Nudja.

  11. What happens after the convoy arrives at Camp Nudja basecamp?
    It’s your choice. You can stay at Camp Nudja for as long as you like and join in the campaign activities being organised by Frontline Action on Coal or you can head home.

  12. What sort of accommodation options will be available at Camp Nudja basecamp.
    Camp Nudja basecamp is a remote location with minimal facilities so you if you plan to stay on at basecamp, you will need to be fully equipped for self-sufficient camping. There is a communal kitchen and food with the suggested donation of $15 a day unwaged and $25 a day waged to cover food, power and internet. Frontline Action on Coal are the people to liaise with about basecamp.

  13. Won’t it take ages to get to Bowen with a large convoy of vehicles?
    We won’t be driving in close convoy and drivers will be free to make their own way to each stop along the route, in their own time, or just to head basecamp by the arrival date. We will announce designated times and venues for events along the way, including estimated travel times between locations, so that drivers can plan to meet at any or all of these locations, as they wish. You may encounter fellow convoy participants along the road and that will be a bonus!

  14. I can’t go on the car convoy. How else can I support this convoy and campaign?
    Come along to one of the many public events that will be taking place along the route between Hobart and Bowen.
    - Make a tax-deductible donation to help organise this massive event.
    - Share our web page and social media posts with friends and online networks.

  15. Do I need to formally sign up to join the convoy?
    The first step is to register your interest in joining the Stop Adani Convoy at our website if you haven’t already. As soon as we have more information about convoy logistics, we will be in touch with updates. We will be asking everyone who takes part in the convoy to agree to a code of conduct for the event, to ensure the convoy is safe, sustainable and successful.

  16. Can I bring my family?
    We recommend that you do not bring children aged 12 or under.  If you do, you must take total responsibility for them. Children will not be able to take part in any on-site protest and you must be entirely responsible for their care away from any protests.

  17. My local group is planning to participate - what do we do?
    Each member of your local group will need to sign up at our Stop Adani Convoy website.

  18. Will I be able to carpool?
    We will not be organising carpooling but individuals are free to make whatever arrangements they wish, as long as it is in keeping with the code of conduct for the event.





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