Summer for Swifties – 2020-21

We are ramping up our campaign for Swift Parrots, calling for the protection of this critically endangered bird and its Southern Tasmanian breeding habitat, which is under threat of logging this summer.

It has been five years since the Swift Parrot was listed on the UN Red List as critically endangered and the Australian and Tasmanian Government continued to allow the logging of its habitat.



Take Action with us:

RALLY October 10th 2020 – Call for the immediate, proper protection of all Swift Parrot habitat on public lands as the sad, five year anniversary of the Parrot’s listing as critically endangered passes with still no action from Government. RSVP's essential, more information here:

CITIZEN SCIENCE  Over November and December we will be organising a citizen science project to monitor Swift Parrots in Southern forests.  We are looking for hundreds of citizen scientists, bird-watchers and enthusiastic supporters to join us in a guided monitoring program that will include birdwatching days and flora surveys.

FRONTLINE ACTION  We will be on the frontline taking action if, and when, logging commences in Swift Parrot habitat. You can join us.  



Bob Brown Foundation calls for an immediate cessation on all logging of Swift Parrot breeding habitat (ie nesting and foraging habitats) in order to reduce the risk of extinction of the Swift Parrot.  

Five years ago the International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN) recommended that all areas of public land that support Swift Parrots needs to be placed under secure conservation management. The parrots population is decreasing and their habitat is continuing to decline in area, extent and/or quality of habitat. 

Tasmania’s government has already severely failed the critically endangered Swift Parrot.  All breeding habitat, nesting and foraging habitat for the Swift Parrot needs urgent protection from logging.

Not just moratoriums and not just some areas - ALL habitat needs to be taken off the logging list (forever!) and put into National Park protection.

In 2015 scientists stated that based on the Population Viability Analysis (PVA) of available and contemporary data, the Swift Parrot population is predicted to decrease by between 84% and 95% over the next three generations (16 years).  We have already lost five years for the Swift Parrot, while loss of habitat to logging has continued despite expert advice warned against logging.

IUCN recommends conservation actions including:

  • Place all areas of public land that support Swift Parrots under secure conservation management, particularly those in timber reserves, transport corridors and local government land.
  • Promote revegetation and land reclamation that recreates woodland habitat.
  • Establish incentive, conservation and management agreement and community projects each year for the protection, restoration or conservation management of habitat. 

The biggest threat to Swift Parrots is habitat destruction. Ideal nesting habitat is mature hollow bearing trees within 10 kilometres of flowering Eucalyptus globulus (Tasmanian Blue Gum) or Eucalyptus ovata (Black Gum). High quality nesting habitat for swift parrots is considered to have more than 15 trees over 100 cm diameter per hectare or 8 trees over 150cm. 

Individuals can travel up to 5,000 kilometres between their mainland wintering grounds and their Tasmanian breeding sites, making theirs the longest migration undertaken by any parrot in the world.



October 01, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1pm
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