Media Release: Aborigines ban ‘shames Australia’ - Bob Brown.

The Queensland Supreme Court ruling banning Wangan and Jagalingou defenders Adrian Burragubba and son Coedy from their ancestral lands now being destroyed by Indian mining giant Adani shames Australia in 2020, former Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

Brown, who led a convoy to near the mine site last year, described the ruling and the laws behind it as ‘reminiscent of the US deep South’. “This court triumph is not justifying a lynching, but it justifies Aboriginal eviction from their lands and lynching of their spirit.”

“Justice Boddice said Adani has responsibilities under workplace health and safety laws and disruption to the worksite would cause “unnecessary cost” and “significant ongoing expense” that could not be compensated by awarding damages later. He has advanced money over morals. This is a billionaire’s gift.

It is also a modern override of Aboriginal justice which carries on from the legacy of dispossession and death which has tarnished Australia’s image around the world," concluded Bob Brown.

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Media Release: Brown challenges Morrison to Great Barrier Reef action

The shocking news of more human-induced death of the Great Barrier Reef demands national action, former Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

“What coronavirus is to us, burning forests and coal is to coral. Prime Minister Morrison should be implementing a national lockdown on native forest logging and new coal mines.

“Continuing burning forests and opening coal mines is to the Great Barrier Reef what leaving open our borders to all-comers would be to human health. It defies commonsense.

“The national government should have responded to the anguish expressed by Professor Terry Hughes last month at the sight of coral bleaching extending further south than ever before. Yet all Australia got from Canberra was Environment Minister Sussan Ley dismissing the mass death as ‘deeply concerning’.

“Imagine if Canberra’s sum reaction to the pandemic had been to express deep concern. The Great Barrier Reef, often described as the Earth’s largest living organism, is dying before our very eyes and the Morrison government is concentrating the poison. This is a culpable dereliction of government duty to this nation’s future,” Brown said.

Bob Brown Foundation is obstructing logging in Tasmania’s Tarkine rainforest and, last year, organised a Stop Adani Convoy to central Queensland.

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Media Release: Thousands rally online to protect Tasmania's native forests

More than 2000 people joined a virtual rally online today, calling for secure protection of Tasmania’s native forests. Today is the day when 356,000 hectares of forests that should be in reserves became available for logging in Tasmania.

“Forests covering 356,000 hectares that have been in a moratorium from logging since 2012 include 100,000 hectares in takayna / Tarkine and important forest areas in Break O'Day, around Ben Lomond, Douglas-Aspley and Tasman Peninsula National Parks, as well as at Wielangta and on Bruny Island. They were promised protection during the Tasmanian Forest Agreement after being independently verified as high conservation value. The native forest logging industry received upfront taxpayers’ cash when the Australian public paid for a whopping $420 million exit package so that these public forests could be protected. The forests did not receive upfront protection, and now Tasmania’s Liberal government is committed to handing them back to the loggers,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

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Media Release: Logging in cave country under Mt Field condemned. 1,000 Tree Ferns and huge eucalyptus to be cut out.

The Bob Brown Foundation is demanding a halt to logging in the Florentine Valley under Mt Field.

‘This 31 hectares coup is on karst country with sinkholes and logging there is illegal under Forest Practices Code guidelines. This is magnificent Eucalyptus obliqua forest. Many trees have diameters of more than 4 metres and from 14 metres to 18 metres circumference. Protected, it would be a top tourism drawcard next to the Florentine Road. This forest contains rare and endangered species and, inevitably, glow worms and other cave biota,’ Bob Brown said today.

‘The minister has authorised 1,000 tree ferns to be ripped out of the coup: this beautiful forest is being obliterated for no good reason,’ Brown said.

‘I call on the Minister for Forests to make public his information on this karst country logging and how on Earth he decided it fits with the Forest Practices Code relating to karst protection. Because it doesn’t. Minister Barnett should produce the archaeological, geomorphological and zoological studies carried out in this fragile tall forest before logging began, if there are any,’ Brown said.

The logging coup, northwest of Maydena, abutts Lady Binney Forest Reserve which, in turn, borders the Mt Field National Park and World Heritage area

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The Gutwein government’s forest authority, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, is firebombing logged forests to complete their utter destruction for a closing-down export industry the Bob Brown Foundation said today. The aim of the logging and aerial firebombing with napalm is to destroy any vestige of the natural forest and its wildlife habitat, to facilitate the fast-growing replacement crops for export.

“Perversely, the Gutwein government has removed everyone from national parks including the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area but urged the forest destroyers to carry on business-as-usual right next door. These are publicly-owned forests. The burning of nesting sites of the critically endangered Swift Parrot at DN007C is an abominable act,” the Foundation’s Jenny Weber said tonight.

The Tree Project’s Steven Pearce was climbing in forests within 1km of this coupe in late 2019 and had 8 swift parrots foraging in the same tree. During the logging, citizens staged a peaceful walk-in protest and documented these alarming old growth stumps from ancient eucalyptus trees. The timber from these forests was supplied to the controversial Malaysian logging giant, Ta Ann, which has now closed and put off its 36 workers due to collapsing markets.

Sus. Timbers Tasmania does advise people with respiratory problems affected by their smoke to take precautions or get help.

“Our Foundation launched an online email campaign yesterday for citizens to urge governments to call off these burns. In Tasmania and Victoria, Australia the governments are currently incinerating large quantities of logging waste and putting further stress on people during a global respiratory pandemic. We are urging both Governments to transfer the funds from post-logging firebombs to ventilators and stop wasting public money on this destruction,” Jenny Weber said.

“These burns are not essential services, they should be stopped for ecological, climate and economic reasons,” Jenny Weber said.

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Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation supports Oldina residents concerns about impacts of logging on their community

Today the Bob Brown Foundation has responded to a request for assistance from members of the Oldina community in the face of imminent logging of 'The Last Stand'.

'The Last Stand' remains the only patch of public native forest in a sea of plantations in the region and is vital to the conservation of wildlife relying on this remnant forest.

"We have been moved by this call for help from this small regional community facing down the juggernaut of the native forest logging industry, and we will stand with these brave people", said Campaigner Scott Jordan.

We join with the people of Oldina in their call to halt the destruction of these forests which are so important to the local people here. Sus Timbers Tasmania should be listening to the pleas from Oldina to not begin logging there," said Mr Jordan.

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Media Release: Death of Elspeth Hope-Johnstone OA

Celebrated Tasmanian artist and photographer Elspeth Hope-Johnstone died this morning in Hobart at the age of 94.

Elspeth was a life-long promoter of education, women and the arts. Educated at Hobart's Friends School, she was appointed Director of Hobart's Lady Gowrie Child Centre in 1949 and in 1953 became the Tasmanian Supervisor of Pre-School Education.

Elspeth was a commissioner of the ABC, first chair of the Friends of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) and a life-long supporter of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. She donated Tasmanian art and furniture, dating back to the 1820s, to public institutions including TMAG.

As Elspeth Vaughan, she was a founding member of Tasmania's watercolour school or Sunday Group of Painters which was at its height in the second half of the Twentieth Century.
Elspeth was influenced at the outset by her Launcestonian grandmother Mary Greig whose paintings, in particular still-lifes of flowers, were highly prized a century ago.

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Media Release: Protest continues in Tasmanian forest

Ten forest defenders are protesting today in the Wentworth Hills region of Tasmania, where five protesters have been arrested in the past days taking action to highlight the logging of the precious forests.

“Wentworth Hills is in Tasmania’s Central Plateau, adjacent to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and is the site of the state’s largest scale logging destruction.  Forest defenders entered the forest overnight and are occupying the logging area, two people are attached to logging machines, halting the logging,”  Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

“Coupe WW036C is one of 3 currently active logging coupes in the Wentworth Hills area. Logging is proceeding in this area at an alarming rate, particularly considering that the market for wood chip exports from Tasmania is currently at a low. This coupe is 92 hectares and 88% old growth. It is predominantly E delegatensis forest, which is an incredibly important species for its hollows and habitat provision for threatened and endangered species. Activists saw a Grey Goshawk in this same coupe only a few days ago. There are also significant amounts of large rainforest species including myrtle and sassafras in this coupe,” Dr Lisa Searle, volunteer with the Bob Brown Foundation said.

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Media Release: Two forest defenders arrested in Tasmanian protest

Two people were arrested today in a Tasmanian forest protest at Wentworth Hills on the Central Plateau.

“Old growth logging destruction across Tasmania is heating the planet and removing critical wildlife habitat from the landscape. The Wentworth Hills region has Tasmania's largest-scale logging destruction. More than 2770 hectares of extensive eucalyptus native forests are scheduled to be destroyed over the next two years on the Tasmanian Central Plateau,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

Today's arrests follow three arrests yesterday including climate activist Marco Bellemo who was held in remand overnight and released today after pleading guilty to trespass.

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Media Release: Forest Defender held in remand overnight as protests continue in Tasmanian forest

A forest defender will appear in Hobart’s magistrate court this morning after spending last night on remand. Three people were arrested yesterday after a protest in Tasmania’s Wentworth Hills region, where old growth logging destruction is heating the planet and removing critical wildlife habitat from the landscape.

Meanwhile, protests continue this morning in the contentious logging area, one person is in a tree-sit and another is attached to a logging machine in the Wentworth Hills.

“Wentworth Hills is the site of Tasmania's largest-scale logging destruction. More than 2770 hectares of extensive eucalyptus native forests are scheduled to be destroyed over the next two years on the Tasmanian Central Plateau. No native forests should be lost to logging at this critical time of the planet’s climate emergency. We are calling for protection of all native forests to benefit the climate, wildlife and Tasmania's economy,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

Climate activist Marco Bellemo was arrested yesterday after defending old growth forests from a tree-sit, he was remanded in custody overnight after being deemed a ‘flight risk’ by Tasmania Police.

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