Media Release: Brown embarrassed by ‘tribute’ flop.

Former Greens leader and environmentalist Bob Brown says he is embarrassed for Matt Canavan that fewer than 100 people turned up at his ‘Tribute to Bob Brown’ Rally at Clermont today. The event marks 18 months since the Bob Brown Foundation’s Stop Adani Convoy of 400 people was hosted in Clermont by the Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council.

"Canavan’s event was a flop. There were more millionaires than miners. A good number of his previous supporters are looking at the growing carnage of the climate emergency and have decided to vote Green," Brown said in Hobart today after addressing 200 people wanting to save the critically endangered Swift Parrot by ending old growth logging of its nesting sites in Tasmania. "His coal mine threatens the Black-throated finch with extinction but we are working to save it and the Swift Parrot from extinction.”

“Though they stopped live-streaming the Clermont pub event before Clive Palmer came on, Canavan needs a few extra tips on how to run a public event,” Brown said.

“I’ll wise Matt up when he makes good his commitment to debate the Adani mine with me in Hobart Town Hall, though I’m not holding my breath,” Brown said.


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Media Release: Marinus Link Budget renouncement still a taxpayer liability

"Marinus Budget announcement is a renouncement of funds for fast tracking and planning but there is still no answer to the fundamental question: who will pay the $3.5billion?" said Christine Milne, Bob Brown Foundation Director.

"Instead of pushing out decision making dates to 2024, Ministers Taylor and Barnett need to come clean on why they think there is a business case and where the $3.5b is coming from," Christine Milne said.

"No one will take these repeated announcements seriously until a detailed funding model is presented and frankly that is never going to happen. None of the other states are interested in paying as this project is unnecessary. Battery technology has already leapfrogged Battery of the Nation," Christine Milne said.

"Stakeholders know that by 2030, more cost effective alternatives will serve the NEM and no one is interested in subsidising an extension cord across Bass Strait for the benefit of multinational corporations owned offshore," Christine Milne said.

Last month Bob Brown Foundation released a report 'Project Marinus and Battery of the Nation: Wrong Way Go Back',  is written by leading energy experts Professor Bruce Mountain and Steven Percy of the Victorian Energy Policy Centre.  The report proved Project Marinus and Battery of the Nation are not necessary to transition to 100% renewable energy on the mainland because batteries can balance the system and a are much cheaper alternative to Tas Hydro storage. They are not economically viable because transporting energy across Bass Strait makes it more expensive than alternatives. There is no need for mainland consumers to have to pay for them.
Tasmanians on the other hand will pay higher prices because we will be linked into Victorian prices and these projects will not bring down emissions relative to mainland based batteries.

Copy of report here

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Media Release: Venture Minerals need to Get Smart, or get honest. Mine in Tarkine should be shut down once and for all.

In scenes reminiscent of the famous Maxwell Smart routine, Venture Minerals have issued their fourth version of why the Riley Creek mine in takayna / Tarkine was abandoned in early September.

Having led with denying removal of machines from a Tarkine mine site, Venture shifted to professing that they were moving machines to optimise an efficient layout. Then last week they re-explained the lack of machinery on site as them having finished that planned part of the operation (despite having trucked none of the screened ore to port), and then at today's shareholder meeting in Perth, the company claimed machines were removed because some of them broke down.

"Venture Minerals are going to have to start adding 'Well would you believe...' to the beginning of their statements", said takayna/ Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

"At least Maxwell Smart got to the punchline by the third version. Venture are sitting on their fourth contradiction and it's still not funny".

"Environment Minister Ley should take note that this company seems unable to tell the truth to its investors, the regulators or the public. They cannot be allowed to resume unlawful activity on the site in the face of expired permits".

Mining at Riley Creek will have an impact on Tasmanian Devil and Spotted-tailed Quoll in an area of verified National and World Heritage significance.

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Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation stays Swift Parrot logging.

Forestry Tasmania gives Federal Court commitment not to log 19 coupes of Swift Parrot habitat.

In the biggest breakthrough for the conservation of Tasmania’s remaining native forests since 170,000 hectares was protected as World Heritage in 2013, Forestry Tasmania has given the Federal Court a commitment it will not log Swift Parrot habitat as planned in the coming year.

“This is a significant win for endangered species in Tasmania’s wild forests in this age of human-caused extinction,” Bob Brown said. “It is also a tribute to the determined integrity of the doyen of Swift Parrot science, Dr Matt Webb who has been courageously endeavouring to protect these birds for decades. And it is vindication for our foundation, backed by thousands of supporters, in taking action against Forestry Tasmania, backed by environment ministers in Hobart and Canberra. They would have been logging the nesting and feeding sites of one of the most endangered creatures under their care.”

“We will be abroad in the Tasmanian forests, as friends of the Swifties, to make sure no other forests they depend upon are destroyed by the loggers under agreement from these compliant environment ministers.”

“This is a case of community action doing the job of ineffective and disinterested ministers who neither understand nor care about their duty to protect Australia’s fragile and disintegrating wildlife habitats. Nor do they understand the enormous public opinion which will gain great relief from today’s court outcomes for a native species threatened with extinction."

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The Bob Brown Foundation yesterday applied in the Federal Court for an injunction to stop Sustainable Timbers Tasmania destroying the feeding and breeding trees essential to Tasmania’s critically endangered Swift parrot.

If granted, the injunction would stop Sustainable Timbers Tasmania from logging the coupes of forest vital to the Swift parrot for nesting and for feeding on the nectar of its favoured eucalypt blossoms.

The Swift parrot is the fastest parrot on Earth and, with the critically endangered Orange-bellied parrot which also migrates from the mainland to Tasmania each year to breed, is the only migratory parrot on the planet. It is currently flying over Bass Strait to breed in Tasmania’s coastal forests after over-wintering in Victorian and New South Wales woodlands

“Just days after David Attenborough’s heart-rending appeal to humanity not to destroy Earth’s natural realm, this action is taken because we believe that STT is acting illegally. It is unnecessarily destroying the very trees the Swift parrot needs to nest and regenerate,” Bob Brown said. “And with the Federal Government’s own appointed inquirer, Graeme Samuel, pointing to the failure of legislation being used to protect nature, here is a test of our ability to halt the greatest onrush of extinctions in human history.”

Meanwhile the foundation is also embarking on a nationwide publicity and political campaign to end the logging in all of Australia’s publicly-owned native forests. These contain many endangered bird, animal, insect and plant species. “Our aim is to help get the public much more active to save its remaining native forests which are so critical for the survival of Australia’s species like the Baudin cockatoo, the koala, Leadbeater’s possum and the Swift parrot. Australia has enough plantations to meet its wood needs,” the foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“The Australian Native Forest Declaration is the first of its kind in our nation.  It is an urgent call to the Prime Minister, Opposition leader and all our Federal parliamentarians to use Commonwealth power’s to protect our nation’s native forests and their wildlife with secure and permanent protection,”  Jenny Weber said.

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Media Release: Conservationists ask Tasmanian Minister: Where will Swift Parrots go?

Bob Brown Foundation has today called on Tasmanian Minister Roger Jaensch to name the alternative breeding sites for the critically endangered Swift Parrot after he has closed off some of their possible breeding sites on Tasmania’s east coast.

Minister Jaensch is today quoted in a Tasmanian daily explaining that blocking the possible breeding sites for road expansions is to ‘divert’ the birds 'so they can breed away from areas that are going to be disturbed.'

“Like where Minister Jaensch? Where is this critically endangered species going to find alternative sites?” asked Bob Brown Foundation’s campaign manager Jenny Weber.

“This is the same government to which the Federal Environment Minister is pushing to devolve Commonwealth environmental protection and conservation responsibility under the changes to the EPBC Act. Sussan Ley intends to devolve responsibility to a man who blocks nesting sites for a critically endangered species,” Jenny Weber said.

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Media Release: Tasmanian Loggers face Federal Court injunction

The Bob Brown Foundation will apply for an interlocutory (immediate) injunction to stop Sustainable Timber Tasmania logging the forest habitat of species facing extinction.

Mr Ron Merkel QC notified the Federal Court of the foundation's bid for the injunction today. The application will be filed next week.

Bob Brown said it is urgent because the critically endangered Swift Parrot is currently arriving in Tasmania’s forests to feed and breed.

In the court today, before Justice Duncan Kerr, it was agreed to a further hearing next Friday of the foundation's case that the Regional Forest Agreement is illegal.

Bob Brown said he was enlivened by the Tasmanian Solicitor-General telling the court he foresaw the case being appealed to the High Court if the loggers lose in the Federal court.

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Second letter to Senator Canavan

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Letter to ex-minister Canavan

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Media Release: Great Forest Case’s first listing set to appear in Federal Court.

The Bob Brown Foundation's Great Forest Case, which challenges the validity of the Regional Forest Agreement, is set for its first case management hearing before the Federal court next Wednesday 23rd September at 2.15 pm. Members of the public and media will be able to watch online.  Justice Duncan Kerr will be asked to make directions to prepare the case for hearing.

"The law calls for ‘ecologically sustainable forest management’ but the Tasmanian government, STT and, through washing its hands, the Commonwealth, deliver the public with their forest ecosystems and wildlife habitats burnt to a cinder. Logic as well as the law says that this cannot be allowed to continue," said Bob Brown.

“Our Great Forest Case has significant interest across Australia from people who want native forests protected.  The critically endangered Swift Parrot, endangered Masked Owl and the world’s largest freshwater crayfish, Astacopsis gouldi are among the many species depending on this legal challenge striking down the Regional Forest Agreement that allows logging in Tasmania to destroy their habitat,”  Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.


Details of how to access the case:

You can access the meeting by clicking on the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link below (which generally works best when opened in Google Chrome). Persons joining via Teams will need to keep their own microphone muted and video turned off, but will be able to see and hear proceedings. If a person prefers to join via telephone only, they can dial +61 2 9161 1229 and enter conference ID 545 727 275#. Any persons joining will temporarily be placed in the “lobby” until court staff admit them to the meeting, but all will be admitted before the listed start time.  

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Conference ID: 545 727 275#

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