Media Release: Protests continue in Tarkine rainforest after nine conservationists arrested in four days

The ongoing Tarkine protest enters its fourth day with Dr Lisa Searle on a tripod at the entrance to the contentious logging coupe and more Tarkine Defenders attached to logging machinery in the rainforest.

"The logging of these ancient rainforests right now is shocking to many Australians who want the protection of the Tarkine and a halt to biodiversity loss and climate-destroying logging," Bob Brown Foundations Jenny Weber said.

"Biodiversity loss needs to be reversed and the disappearance of ancient ecosystems needs to be prevented. We are living through two crises, an accelerating climate emergency, and rapid biodiversity loss. To be losing an ancient rainforest in Australia’s largest tract of temperate rainforest is damaging the climate and will contribute to biodiversity collapse,"

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Media Release: Hundreds rally to support Tarkine defenders as third person arrested in forests

Today hundreds gathered at the office of the Tasmanian Premier in support of Tarkine defenders. At the same time the third person today was arrested after attaching themselves to logging machinery then charged with trespass and wilfully obstructing a police officer.

“A third person was arrested today in Tasmania’s ancient rainforests, another brave soul representing the majority of people who want to see the Tarkine protected. Our Hobart rally today has made us even more committed to action. While logging continues in the Tarkine there will be protests," Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said today.

"The hundreds of people who turned out today in Hobart called on Premier Gutwein to take real climate action and protect takayna / Tarkine. There is community support for the end of native forest logging in Tasmania. In this climate emergency we cannot afford to lose more native forests," said Jenny Weber.

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Media Release: Second protest in one day in Tasmania’s Tarkine halts rainforest logging

One person is again attached to logging machinery in takayna / Tarkine today after two Tarkine Defenders were arrested earlier this morning.

“Tarkine Defenders are making consistent and defiant efforts to halt the logging of the precious rainforests in the Que River area of takayna / Tarkine, while the Tasmanian logging industry makes shocking claims that rainforest logging is sustainable and beneficial to mitigating climate,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“We are here to put a spotlight on this ecological destruction in an age of climate emergency when the best way to keep carbon in the ground is to protect intact forests like the remarkable ancient one in takayna / Tarkine that is being lost to logging,” Jenny Weber said.

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Media Release: Tarkine Defenders return to forest and arrested

Two Tarkine Defenders have this morning attached themselves to logging machinery in a Tarkine rainforest where contentious logging is happening. They now have been arrested.

‘Tasmania’s Tarkine rainforests are the largest temperate rainforests in Australia. They are globally unique ecosystems that have survived ice ages, contributed to global rain patterns, and sequester huge amounts of carbon. Logging these forests in an age of climate emergency and an extinction crisis is environmental madness,’ Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

‘Tasmania’s logging industry claims that this current logging is ‘selective’ and ‘sustainable’ are attempts to greenwash ancient rainforest destruction. Despite the police assisted logging of these rainforests, Tarkine Defenders will continue to highlight through non violent direct action that this logging needs to stop,’ Jenny Weber said.

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Media Release: Conservationists for Wildlife and Climate arrested in Tasmanian rainforest

Six Tarkine Defenders have been charged today, after defending rainforest trees on public land from logging. Three people were charged with trespass while another three, who were chained to machines and a gate, were charged with wilfully obstructing a police officer and trespass.

“The logging of the ancient forests right now in takayna / Tarkine is on Premier Gutwein’s watch. His commitment to do more on climate now means nothing when a fortnight into his role these forests are being trashed," said Bob Brown Foundation's Camapign Manager Jenny Weber.

“Sadly, ancient rainforests are now being logged in the Que River area after two days of defiant protests and delay. But our protests will continue to defend these forests, as Tarkine Defenders stand up and say no to this logging.

With a warming climate this rainforest is unlikely to ever recover. Logging of native forests needs to stop and needs to stop now,” Jenny Weber said.

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Media Release: Tree-sitter arrested while defending Tasmania's Tarkine forests

This evening a tree-sitter has been arrested defending primordial rainforests of takyana / Tarkine from looming logging. The tree-sitter was in the canopy of an ancient tree for 24 hours today as the Tasmanian government sent in the bulldozers and chainsaws.

Atalaya Ferrari was charged with trespass and wilfully obstructing a police officer and was released tonight.

"We are grateful to the brave defenders who have stood on the front line today, and to all our supporters of the campaign. Because of them, no tree will fall unfought," said takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

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Media Release: Tarkine ‘Morrison’s national forest test’

As forest defenders gather to ward off imminent destruction of old growth rainforest and its wildlife at Que River in Tasmania’s Tarkine, Bob Brown has invited the Prime Minister to do an inspection tour.

“Australia is in breach of the World Heritage Convention by sending the chainsaws in to this Gondwanan forest because it is obviously of World Heritage value. The convention requires a full evaluation of the World Heritage values, including the Tarkine’s rich Aboriginal heritage, before such damaging processes are allowed.”

“As guardian of Australia’s natural and cultural sites of World Heritage significance, Scott Morrison should intervene to protect the nation’s largest temperate rainforest until an honest appraisal of the 500,000 hectare Tarkine’s values is completed. This forest’s value as a carbon bank is a stand-alone reason for stopping the publicly-subsidised destruction.”

“If any Australians are to be arrested in this climate and extinction emergency, it should be those behind the destruction of the Tarkine forest,” Brown said.


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Media Release: Richard Di Natale’s splendid career - Bob Brown

“Richard Di Natale has led Australia’s small but honourable politics of a ‘fair go’ through the ongoing meanness of Manus, Nauru, forest and wildlife destruction and more coal mines, as practised by the Coalition and Labor, former Greens leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

“Richard can be proud of his contribution to this nation’s wellbeing when the big end of town has ruled the other parties. He led the Greens to an increased vote in 2019, when both the Coalition and Labor lost ground. His Greens were the only party with the gumption to oppose the destructive Adani coal mine and more coal mines in general.”

“He is a hero of the Greens and has laid the foundations for the next leader to take the Greens to a record vote in 2022,” Brown said.

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Media Release: Forest defenders prepare for police arrival at Tarkine protest camp

Bob Brown Foundation supporters are currently camped in rainforests at Que River following fresh evidence of imminent logging. Over the weekend, the area has had a number of visits from logging contractors and the Foundation believes that the bulldozers and chainsaws are ready to move in.

“Tarkine Defenders are occupying forests in the Que River area as Sustainable Timbers Tasmania appears to be preparing for imminent logging in these remarkable forests.”

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Media Release: 'Frontlines: takayna to Adani' exhibition opens with Queensland Aboriginal elder Adrian Burragubba and Bob Brown

FRONTLINES is an exhibition in Hobart’s Long Gallery celebrating climate activism and protest across Australia, honouring the ecologically valuable wild places and wildlife currently under threat of destruction, the fight for rights and protection of country by Australia’s First Nations and the dedicated activism that is taking place to defend climate and Planet Earth.

The exhibition, hosted by Bob Brown Foundation, has 165 artworks from 73 artists from across Australia. It will be officially opened tomorrow night in Hobart at 6pm by Bob Brown and Adrian Burragubba.

FRONTLINES reflects the dedication, beauty and passion that comes from the environmental protest movement, often inspired by the splendour and plight of nature itself.

Artists include internationally renowned Reg Mombassa, Queensland Aboriginal artist Burragubba and Tasmanian award winning documentary photographer and film maker Matthew Newton. Also exhibiting are emerging and award-winning Tasmanian artists Laura Gillam, Zoe Grey and Josh Andree. A small collection of the internationally renowned #1000Finches project is included in the exhibition.

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