Media Release: Hodgman Hides From His Own Laws

In a display of weak-kneed distancing, Premier Will Hodgman has ducked announcing new laws against environmental protests in Tasmania.

Instead, on this Australia Day holiday, a junior minister will make the announcement, overseen by the big end of town.

Former Senator and Leader of the Greens, Bob Brown, with Jessica Hoyt, took a successful challenge to the High Court against Hodgman and the Tasmanian parliament’s earlier, illegal, attempt to prohibit peaceful environmental protest.

“This is the big end of town, with Premier Hodgman as puppet, having a second go even though Tasmania is having its most protest-free period in decades. The Premier putting a junior minister in charge on a holiday shows he does not have his heart in it. There are adequate laws in Tasmania to stop untoward protests but the big resource extraction industries want more than our democracy or public opinion will allow. They are losing arguments for destroying more wild and scenic places like the Tarkine and for blighting the jobs that go with Tasmania’s environmental and Indigenous heritage,” Brown said today.

A five months-long protest continuing in the Tarkine forest, supported by the Bob Brown Foundation, has successfully protected the Sumac rainforests and wildlife all this summer with no need for intervention.

“For every job in logging there is more than a dozen in tourism and hospitality in modern Tasmania, and that imbalance is growing. The big end of town sheds crocodile tears about jobs but really wants more publicly-subsidised profiteering at the expense of Tasmania’s wilderness and natural beauty. It is time we had a premier who stood up for modern Tasmania rather than this coterie of self-interested job-shedding exploiters. Hodgman’s absence today is pathetic,” Brown said.

Contact: Jenny Weber, 0427 366 929

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Media Release: Brown says Morrison must heed UN call.

Environmentalist Bob Brown calls on Canavan and Morrison to respect international law as the UN has called for suspension of the Adani mine go-ahead. Canavan should respect global law on indigenous rights as well as domestic law.

Brown also calls on Labor leader Bill Shorten to heed the UN call for a suspension until global and international law has been implemented.

ABC news is reporting that the UN has asked the Australian Government to consider suspending the Adani mine until it gains the support of a group of traditional owners who are fighting the miner in court.


Contact: Jenny Weber, 0427 366 929



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Referring to an alarming new report from the Australian National University Fenner School of Environment and Society, titled Long-term impacts of wildfire and logging on forest soils. Bob Brown Foundation says it is compelling evidence that Tasmania’s forest lands will not recover their fertility in more than a lifetime after current destructive logging practices that are carried out by Sustainable Timbers Tasmania.

“We call on the Minister for Forests, Sarah Courtney, to suspend all logging and burning of Tasmania’s native forests until or unless this ANU report is found not to apply in Tasmania,” Bob Brown said.

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LABOR will give Australia two new environment PROCESSES: legislation and an environment ‘protection’ authority. No specifics there. 

Bob Brown Foundation has released a list of 10 ways that Labor failed the environment at the National Conference.

But, let’s get to 10 specifics, Labor WILL

  • NOT stop the Adani mine.
  • NOT end more coal mine start-ups.
  • NOT protect Tasmania’s Tarkine.
  • NOT create a Great Forest National Park in Victoria.
  • NOT end native forest logging.
  • NOT halt Japanese whaling south of Australia


• FLATTEN Belfast Coastal Reserve, its Hooded plovers and Aboriginal sites.

  • LICENSE forest furnaces.
  • OIL DRILL in the Great Australian Bight.
  • FRACK northern Australia.

    “Vote Labor and that’s what you’ll get!” Bob Brown said today.


Contact: Jenny Weber, 0427 366 929



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Media Release: Japan Opens Harpoons to Any Whale, Anywhere - Morrison, Shorten Will Sell Oz Whales Out

On the 40th anniversary of Prime Minister Fraser ending whaling in Australia, Japan has announced resumption of illegal commercial whaling with no caveat yet applied.

Environmentalist Bob Brown says Tokyo’s withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission is a bloody-minded snub to Australian culture which abhors the illegal, cruel and needless killing of whales.

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Media Release: Tasmanian Premier can be the Tarkine Santa or Christmas Grinch

Conservationists have been camped in a Tarkine threatened rainforest for the past three months and have today sent Premier Hodgman a Christmas card offering him the opportunity to be a world leader on environmental and climate action in 2019. 

“We are calling on the Tasmanian Premier to protect takayna / Tarkine and be the Tarkine Santa, though we are afraid he will be the Tarkine Christmas Grinch and leave it to the logging industry who want to destroy the carbon rich native forests and ancient rainforests around Tasmania, including in the Tarkine,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.


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Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation raises Trans Tarkine Track at ALP National Conference

The Bob Brown Foundation is campaigning in Adelaide at the ALP National Conference for support for the 100km, $20 million Trans Tarkine Track, in north west Tasmania and on other environmental issues.

Polling commissioned by the Bob Brown Foundation in May 2018 revealed that 72% of Labor voters want the Tarkine protected as a National Park.


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Media Release: Making History in fight to protect takayna / Tarkine


The campaign by Bob Brown Foundation and Patagonia for the ancient, wild and threatened takayna / Tarkine has made history in the past week. Today, Australian Greens Senators Peter Whish-Wilson and Nick McKim are tabling the largest petition ever presented to the Senate. The petition ‘Support World Heritage protection for takayna / Tarkine’ received over 270 000 signatures from around the world.

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Environmentalist Bob Brown says his foundation will take up the Adani gauntlet and organise a cavalcade of cars from Hobart to the Central Queensland mine site in time for the next federal election.

“Today’s announcement of a go-ahead for the mine, before final state and federal process is complete, is Adani responding to the Morrison government wanting an early go-ahead. This decision was made by billionaire Guatam Adani in India who has no idea of the Australian people’s loathing of his mine monster. Adani also has no concept of how negatively the Morrison stunt, of holding up a lump of coal in parliament, went down in the average Australian household,” Brown said.

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Media Release: New orchid species at Tarkine BioBlitz

The endangered Swift Parrot was observed in a proposed logging area in takayna / Tarkine during the first of nearly 50 wildlife and vegetation surveys to be undertaken in the Tarkine BioBlitz. 

Bob Brown Foundation’s annual event has attracted 150 experts and enthusiasts to north-western Tasmania for three days of intensive field work to document the native species which live in the region.

“On the first day of the fourth annual BioBlitz, we were thrilled to find a newly discovered orchid species, known from a single location, at a second site on the Tarkine coast. Unlike related Caladenia orchids, the yet to be named pink-flowered species grows in swampy locations,” says Craig Broadfield, a survey leader at the BioBlitz.

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