Rainforest protection begins at home

Australian Forests and Climate AllianceBob Brown Foundation

 The Australian Forests and Climate Alliance and the Bob Brown Foundation have organised a street demonstration outside the Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit in Sydney on November 12. Joining them will be members of the public and environment groups from Australia and Papua New Guinea to highlight the ongoing loss of rainforests in the Asia-Pacific region.

The organisers want to point to the hypocrisy of the Australian government in hosting this Summit and positioning itself as a leader in rainforest protection when it is doing little to address the huge problems facing Australian rainforests and in many cases making things worse. They want the voices of those attending the demonstration heard by Julie Bishop, Greg Hunt and those inside the Summit.

They fear the government’s response at this Summit will be weak, and pander to logging, mining and development interests. They will be calling upon Australia's leaders to act decisively with financial support and courageous new policies to protect rainforests and halt the decline of species here and in the Asia-Pacific Region”.

The protest is expected to be colourful, with a campaigner from PNG, and radio personality Julie McCrossin to speak, along with other passionate advocates for the forests. Musician Tom Trelawny will perform.

Lorraine Bower 0414958714
Jenny Weber 0427 366 929

WHEN:  12.30-1.30PM


For further information, view the event page here.

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