The Mercury: Debate over the best route for next iconic walk on Tasmania’s west coast has started

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The Saturday Paper: The Robbins Island wind farm debate, Bob Brown

As appeared in the Saturday Paper, 20/07/19.

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The Australian moved in for the kill last week. Back-to-back front pages, on Monday and Tuesday, after I sounded the alarm about the impact on endangered birds if the Robbins Island wind farm in Tasmania’s north-west goes ahead. Backed up by the usual cronies at Sky News, the boilover raised a question about the impending extinction of measured public debate.

Graham Lloyd, the newspaper’s self-labelled “fearless” environment reporter, did not contact me on the issue before it went to print. He has not contacted me on an environmental issue for years.

He is, of course, always welcome.

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Robbins Island Wind Farm Summary of Risks- Scott Jordan

Over two years from 2017 over 300 volunteers occupied proposed logging coupes in the Frankland River area of takayna/Tarkine, successfully defending two Wedge tailed eagle nests. It was a terrific success.

The proposed Robbins Island wind farm has seven such nests.

And while the provisions applied to wind farms require a 1km buffer around each eagle nest, the evidence is showing this to be little more than window dressing.

The Bluff Hill Point wind farm reported 13 Wedge tailed eagle deaths, and 3 White bellied sea eagle deaths in the first seven years of operation.

The Studland Bay wind farm reported 5 Wedge tailed eagle deaths in it’s first 5 years.

The Musselroe wind farm reported 11 Wedge tailed eagle deaths and one White bellied sea eagle deaths in the six years since construction in 2013.

Expert Nick Mooney believes these figure are under reported, as they wont count injured eagles that later died outside the reporting area.

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Media Release: Barnett, White may take a deep breath - Brown

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The Mercury: Talking Point: A proposal to build hundreds of 270m-high wind turbines on Robbins Island should be worrying - Bob Brown

Comment, July 8, 2019

When Singapore’s Fragrance Group of developers raised the height of the proposed Harmony Hotel building in central Hobart from 120 metres to 210 metres the populace, quite reasonably, had conniptions.

Hobart’s tallest building remains the modest 19-storey Wrest Point Casino tower, just 73 metres high, and many Hobartians want to keep it that way. None of the buildings in Hobart’s CBD is 60 metres tall.

So spare a thought for Tasmania’s Robbins Island. It is about to get UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd’s 120 towers, each 160 metres high — more than twice the height of the NAB building in Collins St — with ailerons of 110 metres, which will have their tips spinning to the dizzying apex of 270 metres. There will be 200 such towers if the developer gets the Hodgman Government’s tick of approval — and who would doubt that?

Mariners will see this hairbrush of tall towers from 50km out to sea and elevated landlubbers will see it, like it or not, from greater distances on land.

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Photos from "Hands off World Heritage" public meeting

Hobart Town Hall. Photo: Dan Broun

A hall full of people turned out at the Hobart Town Hall for the Public Meeting held to outline concerns about the Tasmanian Government’s plans to weaken wilderness protection in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, and encourage people to have their say. 

Speakers were World Heritage Expert Jamie Kirkpatrick, Environmentalist Bob Brown, Champion Orienteer & Runner Hanny Allston, and Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre’s Ruth Langford.

Ruth Langford. Photo: Dan Broun
Ruth Langford
The Hall
Hobart Town Hall. Photo: Dan Broun
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Environmental Groups rally local, national & global support

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Photo: Dan Broun

The Bob Brown Foundation made a press release today warning of Groom's wilderness construction boom - read the press release here.

"With Tasmanian public meetings, outreach to International allies, partner groups hosting a meeting in Melbourne and online action, the community is being rallied to urge the State Government to maintain rigorous protections."

Two public meetings on the issue of threats to the Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area will be held in Tasmania in the next fortnight. Tomorrow night (24th Feb 2015) in Launceston will be the first meeting, and next Tuesday 3 March in Hobart at lunch time, a second meeting will be hosted. In Melbourne on the 12 March, Friends of the Earth will host a public meeting.

In Launceston, speakers are Environmentalist Bob Brown, The Wilderness Society’s Vica Bayley, Tasmanian Greens Leader and Bass MHA Kim Booth, and Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre’s Adam Thompson. From 6 pm, the meeting will be held at the Pilgrim Uniting Church.

In Hobart, on Tuesday 3 March, speakers are World Heritage Expert Jamie Kirkpatrick, Environmentalist Bob Brown, Champion Orienteer & Runner Hanny Allston, and Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre’s Ruth Langford.

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Clear Message to Tasmania's Environment Minister


Bob Brown Foundation volunteers and Campaign Manager Jenny Weber made sure that the Tasmanian Minister for the Environment, Matthew Groom, got the message loud and clear at a forum in Hobart on Thursday 12th Feb.

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Wilderness in peril

Photo: Dan Broun - Lake Judd from the Eliza Plateau

Suddenly the state government is laying bare the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) to logging, mining and monopoly tourism projects.

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Bob Brown challenges Greg Hunt’s environmental ‘integrity’

BLAIR RICHARDS, Mercury January 22 2015

The Mercury

BOB Brown says he has a lot of respect for Dick Smith, but doesn’t have much nice to say about the Environment Minister’s record on the Tasmanian Wilderness.

Despite the former Greens leader’s strong opposition to development within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Dr Brown said he respected the Australian entrepreneur’s view that low-key development should be considered.


Dr Brown, however, delivered a broadside to Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt, who spoke of his love for the Tasmanian wilderness during a visit to the state yesterday.

“He is a puppet of the anti-environment sentiment in the Abbott government as demonstrated on his failures on the Great Barrier Reef, saving whales or forests,” Dr Brown said.

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