Protecting rainforests from logging is overdue in Tasmania

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Photo: Dan Broun

Logging has no place in Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area and UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee agrees.  Despite this, Tasmania’s Labor Party and Australia’s Liberal Government want to push ahead with it,” The Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber stated.

 The Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber has queried the environmental credentials of the Labor Party whose position on logging contradicts the recent UNESCO World Heritage Committee decision.

“Community members look to Government to accept and adhere to responsibilities that State Parties have to the World Heritage Convention, including protection of natural values, today they are being let down by both the Labor and Liberal parties who are failing to commit to protecting the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area for future generations,” Jenny Weber said.

“Nobody is more responsible for the wasteful logging and burning of ‘specialty’ timbers over the past decades than Tasmania’s Labor Leader Bryan Green.  The ALP’s support for Liberal Government plans to log the World Heritage Area will subject the globally significant forests of the Upper Florentine, Styx and Weld Valleys to logging practices that will damage their outstanding universal values.”

“We have big problems in Tasmania where logging rainforests for ‘specialty’ timbers is every day practice in unprotected regions of significant forests such as the Tarkine, home to Australia’s largest tract of cool temperate rainforests. The only thing rare and special about rainforest timbers are the rainforests they are being cut from. Logging large swathes of forests in Tasmania and leaving rainforest timbers to burn in after-logging burns by Forestry Tasmania has been a shameful practice for far too long and protecting rainforests from logging is long overdue,” Jenny Weber said.

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