Poll Majority Backs Wilderness

Lake Judd. Photo: Dan Broun
Lake Judd. Photo: Dan Broun

Media release - 3 Mar 2015

A Lonergan Research poll released in the run up to today’s Hobart Town Hall meeting shows a big majority (72%) of Tasmanians want the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness protected.

An even bigger majority (76%) say the word ‘wilderness’ should not be removed or replaced in the name of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

The Lonergan research poll questioned 2200 Tasmanians by phone at home last weekend for The Bob Brown Foundation.

“Tasmanians are very proud of the island’s wilderness and don’t want it damaged,” Dr Bob Brown said today.

“Today’s Town Hall meeting is to back the strong feeling amongst ordinary Tasmanians that wilderness should remain protected in the area’s management plan. There are great places left for private tourism resorts, outside the World Heritage Area,” Dr Bob Brown said.

Read the poll results here.


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