Waiting for news of the Reef

We are poised to learn what happens to the Great Barrier Reef in today's World Heritage Committee meeting. The Committee has been moving through the list of State of the Conservation of the properties on the List of World Heritage in Danger.

Yesterday World Heritage sites in all corners of the globe were covered from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Solomon Islands, and the Central African Republic.

In the hours before the World Heritage 38COM started, there was an unprecedented level of global actions to defend the Australian World Heritage sites on the agenda. A huge campaign by the World Wildlife Fund gathered 204,512 Votes for the Reef, cast through the YouNesco website from people in 160 countries. Our own Global Action to Defend Australian World Heritage was co-ordinated by Observer Tree, the Bob Brown Foundation and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.


Jenny Weber in the World Heritage Committee meeting

The hundreds of actions that took place over the weekend are a sign that the international community values our globally significant environments. There was a truly worldwide public demonstration of our position – that Australia’s unique world heritage sites should be protected for current and future generations to enjoy.

Just waiting for decision on the reef now.

Jenny Weber

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