Save Tasmanian's Forests – Petition

April 8, 2020, is when 356 000 hectares of forests that should be in reserves become available for logging. These forests, called Future Potential Production Forests by the Tasmanian Liberal Government, have been in a moratorium since 2012.


Logging forest nature reserves. With proven High Conservation Values (HCVs). In a climate and extinction crisis. On top of the 800,000 hectares of public state forests, Suss Timber Tasmania already logs. It's an outrage.


Worse still, over $400 million of public money was used to compensate the logging industry, which agreed to protect these areas in exchange. But now it says it wants to log them anyway and Premier Gutwein is only too happy to help.

These threatened forests include: 

• 100 000 hectares in takayna / Tarkine
• Vast stretches of on Tasmania's east coast from Blue Tier in the North to surrounds of Ben Lomond and Douglas-Apsley National Parks.
• Swift Parrot habitat of Wielangta and Bruny Island.
• Tracts of the Great Western Tiers.


Sign this petition telling Tasmania's 'Premier for Climate Change', Peter Gutwein to stop this public policy madness.


Tasmania and the rest of the world need forests to stay intact for climate, wildlife, environment, and society


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Will you sign?

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  • Clare Jacobson
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    Mark Evans
  • Doro Babeck
    signed 2020-04-08 11:27:14 +1000
    Don’t log any native forest. Not in Tasmania, not in Victoria, not in NSW, not in Qld, not in WA, not in SA. We have a climate crisis, which is worsening by every tree logged. When will the government realize, we can not eat money and that logging old growth forest is not sustainable? It is full scale destruction without the chance of it to regrow in the way it was. Shame on our governments!