Conservationists return to Parliament Lawns for Swift Parrot protection – Hobart

Media Alert 13 Oct 2016

Parliament Lawns Hobart - TODAY (13 October 2016) at 1PM

Photo: The protest on 30 May 2016

Bob Brown Foundation will host their fourth monthly peaceful demonstration on Parliament Lawns in Hobart today at 1pm, calling for ALL Swift Parrot breeding habitat to be protected.

“Each month as Parliament sits, we return for a Swift Parrot vigil, calling on the Tasmanian Government to protect all Swift Parrot breeding habitat from logging. Sadly today’s vigil coincides with the Tasmanian Government doing exactly the opposite by announcing their intention to log 400 000 hectares of moratorium high conservation value forests, including core Swift Parrot habitat on Bruny Island and Wielangta,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“When the Swift Parrot was listed as critically endangered, among a range of recommendations made by IUCN to prevent the Swift Parrots’ extinction it included a recommendation to provide secure protection of public land that support Swift Parrots, particularly forestry land; Place all areas of public land that support Swift Parrots under secure conservation management, particularly those in timber reserves, transport corridors and local government land (i).” Jenny Weber said.

“Tasmania’s Government has a window of opportunity to back off these high conservation value forests and the habitat of critically endangered species, they could choose a future for Tasmania with a stronger economy, environment protection and jobs growth. Protecting vast tracts of native forests in secure reserves would provide many benefits to the economy, environment and climate,” Jenny Weber said.

Jenny Weber
0427 366 929

(i) BirdLife International (2016) Species factsheet: Lathamus discolor. Downloaded from on 13/10/2016. Recommended citation for factsheets for more than one species: BirdLife International (2016) IUCN Red List for birds.

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