On country with Theresa and Rocky Sainty

We are very grateful to members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community who journeyed with us on country in takayna / Tarkine during Tarkine in Motion 2018.

Here are some reflections and images by Tasmanian photographer Charles Chadwick.


Theresa and Rocky Sainty travelled with our group down the Pieman river starting before dark and then walked up the coast with us on the start of our journey to Interview River.

We felt privileged by their welcome to country and for their sharing of some of their knowledge and love of the country. They spoke of the edible shellfish in the sea, including the warina and how they and use banksia blooms for sweetening drinks and eat pigface flowers, called kunnikung in palawa kani.

They also spoke of the stone tools and the bones of their ancestors in the middens. Speaking passionately about what the country means to them and how sacred the midden sites are, they expressed how utterly devastated they feel by the wanton destruction caused by the four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Later, we saw large middens and many stone tools which brought Rocky and Theresa's sharing vividly to life. They thanked us warmly for our efforts to protect their country.

Charles Chadwick



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  • Fred Earl Orr
    commented 2018-06-01 12:00:59 +1000
    Lovely photos of people and place. Fascinated by the green polymorphous trailing on the beachscape above. Is that a natural flow of algae or some other green being? Algal or not, some intriguing serpentine and croc images have emerged. A pristine beach scene which invites reverence and respect for the ebb and flow of nature.