ABC 24 - ABC News: Japan starts commercial whaling

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Media Release - Abe set to start north Pacific whaling after Morrison leaves Japan

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Media Release: Whaling in North Pacific: Morrison should tell Abe to stop.

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Bob Brown Foundation is here to see an end to whaling worldwide and particularly in Australian controlled waters. Japan, Norway and Iceland are still hunting whales, so we must keep up the fight.  

World public opinion, not just here in Australia, opposes the bloody and illegal slaughter by the Japanese whalers. Japan is coming into the Southern Hemisphere to attack the culture of Australia which loves whales and is appalled by the massacre.

Every summer the Japanese Government sends “whale slaughter ships” for a killing season in Australia’s Antarctic waters. The whaling season stretches from late-November to March, harpooning hundreds of pregnant Minke whales in Antarctic waters each year.



The whaling has been outlawed by both the Australian Federal Court and the International Court of Justice.

In 2017 from Japan’s own reports, 122 of the 333 minke whales killed under the guise of ‘scientific research’ by Japanese whalers were pregnant.  Japan had also openly reported the fact it had slaughtered whales in the Ross Sea marine protected area and the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.

At the 67th International Whaling Commission, Japan bid to end the long-held whaling moratorium.   Japan’s proposal to allow commercial whaling to resume worldwide would have led to new commercial whaling quotas being established by 2020. The proposal needed a three-quarters majority to succeed, 27 countries voted in favour of Japan's proposal and 41 against.

Australia’s Federal Government can take decisive action against the whaling in the Southern Ocean by the Japanese Government including; seek an international legal stopper on this outrageous breach of global law, send a naval vessel into the same waters as Japan’s slaughter ships to stop the slaughter or at least police the waters and document the activities of Japan.

Our Foundation is rallying people to attend our peaceful demonstrations and participate in actions to Save the Whales with us.



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Harpoon the action clause if you can!

The best less-than-50-word comment on the Minister’s energetic intervention on behalf of Australia’s whales wins a signed copy of James Dryburgh’s Tarkine classic ‘Balfour Correspondent’.

Now here it is, the recent announcement from our new hard-working Minister Price:

The Australian Government is resolutely opposed to all forms of commercial and so-called ‘scientific’ whaling.  Sending a vessel to the Southern Ocean will not stop Japan whaling, nor would it achieve any other policy or legal objectives. The Government welcomed the International Whaling Commission’s recent rejection of Japan’s proposal to overturn the global moratorium on commercial whaling. The Commission also rejected attempts to weaken its decision-making rules and establish catch-limits for commercial whaling. We worked hard with partner countries in the Commission to achieve this outcome.

Bob Brown will be judging the competition.

Send your submissions to our Campaign Manager at: [email protected]



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The humane world breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when Japan was trounced in the International Whaling Commission vote on its motion for open-slather whaling, Australian environmentalist Bob Brown said today.

“Japan, with a team including 9 politicians, and with its representative chairing the meeting, was whalloped 41-27 in its effort to drop the 32 years old moratorium on commercial whaling. The success of a Brazilian motion, for the IWC to become a whale conservation organisation, removed any lingering hopes of Japan ever having its whaling fleet endorsed.


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Media Release: Australian whale-savers take on Japan as Brazil host IWC talks.


There was a colourful protest against illegal commercial whaling at Japan’s embassy in Canberra today. Holding banners, including GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN: BLOODY WHALE CRIMINAL, the protest was joined by two Senators from the Australian Greens party and Australian rock musician Adalita Srsen.

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