Take action to protect the Antarctic from Australia’s environmentally devastating runway proposal.


The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is currently asking for submissions on how to mitigate the impacts of their environmental impact assessment for its proposed new runway. But this is not a question about what effect a team scoping out the planned site might have. When it comes to having a concrete runway built in Antarctica, or even planning one, we need to let them know that we say: Runway, No Way!



The proposed runway will:

  • Increase the disturbance footprint of all nations on the continent by a whopping 40%, meaning Australia would overtake even the United States of America.
  • Cause untold damage and disturbance to the myriad animals that live near the proposed site including Weddell seals, Adelie penguins and Wilsons storm petrels.
  • Cause irreparable damage to adjacent lakes.


Don’t let this go ahead – send a submission before December 18th.


Now is our chance to tell the AAD and the government that we don’t want this project to proceed, before it even begins.



We are calling on the Australian Antarctic Division and the Australian Government to abandon plans to build a monstrous concrete runway in the Antarctic, and instead focus on how to protect the icy continent, not destroy it.




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  • Gen Arter-Luen
    commented 2020-12-18 19:27:10 +1100
    Stop the stupidity in Antarctica. Destroying pristine conditions. All for money. You self centered humans. Leave the area the way it is. You runway will destroy the entire area.
    I cannot believe anyone would think this is a great idea.
    What next, a bloody resort I suppose.
    Genevieve Arter Luen
  • Jeanne Vanderkooij
    commented 2020-12-10 15:24:13 +1100
    How do they get there is it by boat and helicopter?