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Nicole Anderson‎ - Tarkine In Motion 2017

April 20 at 8:02pm
The most impacting moment for me was when I witnessed Jarrod Edwards, palawa ranger for takayna, and Theresa Sainty and Rocky Sainty, sharing their country with people all joining together in this event to protect her. Meditating on this, a poem came to me...


Returning are my people, free
Healing battle scars, yes, some won't fade
Marks of invaders
Hard hoof, hard hat, guns, barbed wire
Alien forms, machines, wildfire

Returning to find gentle memories
Shrouded by time, by sand, by foliage
Marks on rock and tree
Resilient hands, minds, land forged tenacity
My familiar forms, enduring with me

Returning are those who see
Life perpetual between sands and snow
Not by blood but by spirit, kin
Make your mark
Living culture, art, song, custodian

The work of human hands, takayna coast.

Extensive rock pits and furrows, takayna coast

Jarrod Edwards showing the Arthur River group some of the boulder beach constructions common along the takayna coastline.

Palawa ranger Jarrod Edwards of Kings Run

Jarrod Edwards with the Arthur River group walking country at Kings Run

Living place under tussock and native spinach. Rich growths of native vegetables abound in this extensive Living Place. What a marvellous way of living. takayna coast

Rocky Sainty providing our cultural interpretation at laraturunawn/Sundown Point

Nicole Anderson

Tarkine in Motion 2017


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