Media Release: Tasmanian Government should abandon greenwash to uphold high ethical and environmental standards

The comments by the Tasmanian government about embracing the plunder of Tasmanian forests by a dubious Sarawak logging company are rank hypocrisy.

“Given that the Tasmanian government has legislated to log high conservation value forests previously designated for protection under the abandoned Tasmanian Forests Agreement it’s a bit rich for them to then lay claim to world leading forest management standards,” Peg Putt said today.

“Add to this that they have done nothing to restrain the damaging logging destruction of vital breeding habitat of the critically endangered Swift Parrot, mostly to supply wood to another Sarawak logger, Ta Ann,” Peg Putt said.

“Then consider that Forestry Tasmania failed to gain Forest Stewardship Council certification for numerous major non-compliances, and it is clear that the claim to be world leading is baseless and untrue,” Peg Putt said.

“What we need is for an agency that is not compromised as is the Tasmanian government to review the suitability of the Sarawak logging entity to invest in Australia. Perhaps the Foreign Investment Review Board will be more worldly-wise than the naive or uncaring Tasmanian government who appear oblivious to the major issues of corruption in Malaysia playing out on the world stage,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“The IPCC report has made it abundantly clear that the best use of our forests is to tackle climate change through protecting and restoring them. Doing secret deals with the infamous Shin Yang is not world leading, its scraping the bottom of the barrel,”  Jenny Weber said.


Contact: Jenny Weber, 0427 366 929 or Peg Putt, 0418 127 580




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