Tasmanian Forest defenders returned to the ancient native forests today

Ten forest defenders set up a protest today in forests near Mt Brown, 1km NE of Mt Field National Park.  We are resuming our frontline campaign to highlight the urgent need to end the destruction of remnant, wildlife-filled ecosystems.  Cable-logging was halted today with one protester is perched on top of a cable-logging machine and another locked onto a machine.

“Cable-logging these steep slopes strips them to bare earth. The forest is home to endangered wedge-tailed eagles and has two nests for these mighty species, Australia’s largest bird of prey,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

Meanwhile last night on Facebook a timber mill announced that they received logs that had been allegedly spiked, a second mill has since stated they had the same happen yesterday in their mill.  The logging industry has suggested that the green movement was involved.  We are calling for a full and thorough police enquiry, including into the logging companies and any workers that may have been involved in this incident. This is a set-up.  We have no knowledge of or involvement in this alleged incident. We are always non-violent in our defence of the forests and have been all our lives.

There have been similar previous claims but all turned out to be hoaxes.  The most recent was when Premier Giddings had to apologise to me and fellow forest defenders in 2012 after accusing us of using tree spiking as a tactic in our campaign against native forest logging. In 1993 there was the notorious frame-up by pro-loggers who placed the so-called Black River ‘bomb’ on a railway track days before the federal election.


Our President of the Board, Roland Browne has sought a meeting with the police commissioner, and intend to press for a full investigation.

Back to the forests and our action today.  In light of these allegations today, our frontline action is an exact example of how we own our non-violent direct actions and take full responsibility for them.

“Premier Gutwein gave the loggers free rein to continue smashing Tasmania’s wild forests through this pandemic time, calling this destruction ‘essential’ work while locking up the forests from the public. Tasmania has more plantations than required to meet all its essential wood needs. This logging is not essential, but the native forests are - for the survival of species and mitigation of the impacts of this climate emergency,” Dr Lisa Searle said on-site.



“During this pandemic, we have done the right thing for the community and stayed home, but the loggers kept going. We have returned to put a spotlight on the loss of Tasmania’s precious forests. We are a voice for the forests and will continue to keep the public informed on what is happening to their forests,” she said.

“There can be better jobs managing the forests for carbon storage and responsive roles in this age of a climate emergency such as elite fire-fighters,” Jenny Weber said.

“World experts have warned of even more deadly and destructive disease outbreaks unless the destruction of the natural world is halted. Tasmania should follow New Zealand’s lead by protecting all native forests,” she said.



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  • Chando Steiner
    followed this page 2020-06-03 22:35:18 +1000
  • Inger Visby
    commented 2020-05-20 20:36:58 +1000
    Thank you so much Jenny and co – you guys are doing such an important job of taking the fight up where and when needed. I can’t believe the battle is back right by Mt Field…