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It’s an outrage for rainforests in Tasmania. The Hodgman Liberal government is pushing ahead to log rainforests that were reserved decades ago. Rainforests in Tasmania are exceptionally slow growing and this government is moving fast to cause an ecological catastrophe. 

Logging in Tasmania’s rainforests will have damaging and far-reaching impacts on the ecology and wildlife that depends on the ecosystem for habitat and the climate.  It will favour a wasteful, heavily subsidised and declining logging industry, at the expense of the modern Tasmanian economy that relies on the wild and scenic beauty of the island. 




Aswell as rainforests across Tasmania, Australia’s largest tract of Gondwanan temperate rainforest in takayna / Tarkine is threatened by this move. The government wants to log rainforests that have been previously protected from logging.  Including 28 reserves that stretch across 295 700 hectares in the Tarkine. This is an attack on the 37 years of conservation outcomes that underpin nature based tourism in the Tarkine region.




That is alarming enough and it gets worse, the government has identified in their plan that these forests are habitat for threatened wildlife and flora, including the Wedge-tailed Eagle, Masked Owl, Quolls, Grey Goshawk and Tasmanian Devil.  


photo_3_.JPG     Logging Area number 3 in Coupe EP048C Photographed 18.11.15. Photography Jenny Weber     photo_2_.JPG

Logging Area number 3 in Coupe EP048C Photographed 18.11.15. Photography Jenny Weber 


Rainforests are becoming increasingly rare globally, threatened by logging and other human activities and need ongoing secure conservation protection.  

In 2014 the Hodgman government introduced new legislation that weakened the status of regional reserves and conservation areas and allowed for logging in these reserves.

You can also download our info doc here.

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    It’s time the Tasmanian State Government respected the inherent value of the ancient Tasmanian forests rather than a convenient and successful tourist promotion campaign based around our Wilderness values.
  • Carolyn Baldock
    signed 2020-04-14 21:17:18 +1000
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  • Vanessa Smith
    signed 2020-04-14 15:57:33 +1000
    Disheartened beyond belief that in this world, now, the Tasmanian government is failing to show leadership in safeguarding natural resources
  • Sarah McDonald
    signed 2020-04-14 06:59:45 +1000
    Save Our Leatherwood
  • Tamsin Lawrence
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    signed 2020-04-12 08:57:14 +1000
    rain forests are essential , we can not continue to destroy nature, we are destroying the very thing that will sustain us … devastating short sightedness.
  • Honi Peters
    signed 2020-04-12 07:05:19 +1000
    This has to stop.

    It is simply common sense !!!
  • Olga Juric
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    signed 2020-04-11 19:00:22 +1000
    When will we ever learn?
  • Annie Caulfield
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    Sign the petition: No Rainforest Logging - Sign Our Petition
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    Julie Lawrence
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    Joy Dahl
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    Deborah Huish
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    What stupidity. What short sightedness. What vandalism. What single minded self interest. Logging native forests in Australia destroys natural ecosystems, presents threats to human wellbeing and, to top it all, is completely unnecessary. The Tasmanian govt should be helping workers reskill and find new jobs; they should be promoting sustainable regional development plans. They should not be supporting a dying industry to live a little longer and continue its destructive ways.