Media Release: INFAMOUS SARAWAK LOGGERS UNWELCOME IN TASMANIA Fears of escalating forest destruction and secret deals

A proposed timber mill at Bell Bay in Tasmania’s north spells another Malaysian logging giant setting up to plunder the island’s unique native forests.  A Western Australian company, Patriarch and Sons, has been established by one of Malaysia’s most disreputable logging companies, Shin Yang.  Shin Yang have been responsible for wholesale destruction of intact rainforests, illegal logging, aggressive palm oil expansion and human rights violations, all documented by international environment and social justice organisations.

“This company is not welcome in Tasmania and their application to build this timber plant and woodchip mill should be refused,” Environmentalists Jenny Weber and Peg Putt said today.

“We are shocked that Tasmania’s unique forests are going to be flattened to feed another atrocious Malaysian logging company.   This is the second Sarawak logging giant that has been ushered in to destroy Tasmania’s unique native forests, rainforests and wildlife habitat, after Ta Ann has been paid more than $40 million of taxpayers money to entrench forest destruction in Tasmania for the past 12 years,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager, Jenny Weber said.

“We believe that this proposed investment must be examined by the Foreign Investment Review Board to ascertain whether this company is fit and proper to invest in Australia, given their long history of association with illegal logging, human rights abuses and likely corruption,” Peg Putt said.

“We call on Premier Hodgman to confirm or deny the involvement of Tasmania’s Coordinator General in this matter.  What arrangements and undertakings have been given to this company? Has Tasmania’s Coordinator General been involved with this company coming here, with the usual behind the scenes dealings?” Peg Putt said.

Ms Putt is the former leader of the Tasmanian Greens and was also their Forests spokesperson, from and is also former CEO of Markets For Change who worked on Sarawak issues from 2012.

“Given the appalling corruption revealed after the change of government in Malaysia, what due diligence was done by Australian regulatory authorities regarding the source of the investment dollars behind this company?  Instead of welcoming this company into Tasmania, Senator Colbeck and the Forest Industries of Tasmania (FIAT) should have been questioning this company’s obscene accumulation of wealth at the expense of local people in Malaysia,” Jenny Weber said.

“We are calling on the Tasmanian and Australian Governments to rule out any subsidies for this multi-million-dollar company that has gained its wealth from the wholesale destruction of Sarawak’s forests and indigenous peoples’ livelihoods and now intends to destroy Tasmania’s unique environment,” Jenny Weber said.

 “At a time when all of Tasmania’s native forests need secure protection for climate and wildlife benefits, this proposed development will plunder what is left,” Jenny Weber said.

Click here for a fact sheet about Shin Yang


Contact: Jenny Weber, 0427 366 929 or Peg Putt, 0418 127 580



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