Fund ventilators not logging firebombs



In Tasmania and Victoria, Australia the governments are currently incinerating large quantities of logging waste and putting further stress on people during a global respiratory pandemic.

Transfer the funds from post-logging firebombs to ventilators. Don’t waste public money on this destruction.

Take action to call on the Tasmanian and Victorian governments to stop this abomination and call off the burns.



Public money is being wasted by our governments to carry out post logging burns during this global COVID19 crisis.  We need to be redirecting money from non-essential activities directly into health.

Logging and burning Australia’s native forests is non-essential. The governments are destroying native forest habitat while people’s attention is diverted.

In Tasmania about 150 regeneration burns are planned for March to May in coupes across the Permanent Timber Production Zone, ranging in size from a couple of hectares up to approximately 100 hectares.  These burns have been underway for the past fortnight and there are at least 75 more to burn.

In the south of Tasmania they are incinerating once was forest habitat for the critically endangered Swift Parrot and in the north areas that were once rainforest in takayna / Tarkine.

In the next ten days in Victoria 85 burns are planned for once were forest habitat for the endangered greater glider and firebombing in the vital water catchment of Melbourne.



These unnecessary burns place further stress on people with respiratory issues. Paul Monks, professor of air pollution at the University of Leicester has said air pollution “exacerbates” uptake of the virus because it ‘inflames and lowers immunity’.

They are not essential services, they should be stopped for ecological, climate and economic reasons.  Especially during this pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down the world and many of us fear for loved ones. Many of us also care deeply about the environment and it’s wildlife and we want action on climate as the planet is heating.



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  • Louise Lamont
    followed this page 2020-04-03 09:13:46 +1100
  • Margo Van Der Voort
    commented 2020-03-31 07:13:02 +1100
    I feel deeply distressed that in the midst of Covid19 crisis, planned burns are taking place around me in Victoria. Having endured weeks of air pollution and dense bushfire smoke inhalation, our lungs are already compromised and many people have died. How many we will never know. Logging and burning of of the 60% timber ‘waste’ is NOT essential. Planned burns must be BANNED right now. I can see a citizen class action coming once this pandemic is over.
    I have chronic sinus congestion and my lungs have suffered from last summers’ fall out of toxic smoke. Halt all logging in NSW and Victoria and work on a transition for timber workers into different industries. This must stop, our planet is sick, forests contain virusses and now we’re living the nightmare of our own destruction/ecocide.
  • Alan Hill
    commented 2020-03-29 20:39:23 +1100
    So very sad about this destruction,l am trying to send an email but can’t get the page to open.