Media Release: Forest defender released from gaol as protests continue against Tarkine mine

Bob Brown Foundation has welcomed the release of Billy Rodwell from gaol while continuing to pursue Premier Gutwein about why this shocking and heavy-handed incarceration was allowed.

Meantime, protesters are back in takayna / Tarkine, blocking the access road to the mine site and planting a native myrtle in the hope that it will be there in 500 years, protected in a World Heritage Area.

“Only Premier Gutwein knows why Billy was treated so harshly. Billy Rodwell shouldn’t have been held on remand and should have been released from the police station on Friday. We are relieved he has his freedom again,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Questions need to be asked of Tasmania Police including why such an outrageous, ill-conceived gaoling of a young man for his first offences was carried out. What we have just witnessed from Tasmania Police, the government and MMG employees – the intimidation and bullying of a young environmentalist – has strengthened our resolve,” Jenny Weber said.

“Billy Rodwell has made a stand for the planet in our Tarkine rainforests. He is a sign of things to come,” Bob Brown said

“Young Australians everywhere will be proud of him,” Bob Brown said.

“I’m a bushwalking guide and have worked in the Tarkine for many years. After days of walking through pristine forest, the guests are confronted with the ongoing destruction of the Tarkine. 'How do we not know about this?', is their usual cry. Australians know more about the illegal destruction of the Amazon than the state-sanctioned logging of Tasmanian’s old-growth rainforest,” said Jef Donald, a Tarkine Defender currently protesting in the rainforest.

Bob Brown Foundation will not back down from the defence of these rainforests. We will not succumb to police intimidation tactics, and this action today is one stand of many to come until the bulldozers are out of takayna / Tarkine.


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