Media Release: Bob Brown to return to Adani mine in New Decade resolution.

Former Greens leader and environmentalist Bob Brown, who led this year’s Stop Adani Convoy, will begin the New Year and Decade with an Earth Celebration hour at the Cygnet Folk Festival in southern Tasmania on 12 January and a return trip to the Galilee Basin in central Queensland to join in defence of the planet’s climate and species.

“PM Scott Morrison is expected to meet billionaire Gautam Adani in January. He will see Adani in India and I will see Adrian Burragubba and Adani’s growing mess in Australia. Once again our PM would be wiser to stay home. Australians will get more active to save this overheating, burning, drought-ridden planet’s atmosphere from worse greenhouse gas pollution. The Adani mine, taken from Wangan and Jagalingou country, will end up a stranded asset,” Brown said

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