Media Release: Japanese Whale Killers Exalt in Final Orgy

The Japanese whaling fleet has arrived from Antarctica to Tokyo exalting in its slaughter of defenceless Minke whales.

The fleet is triumphing the news, in Japanese, that it has killed 333 Minkes, many of which will have been juveniles or pregnant.

“Japan says this will be its last foray to kill in Antarctic waters. It realises its bloody cull is an affront to the modern world’s culture of concern for wildlife and the growing demand that the International Whale Sanctuary in Antarctic waters should be honoured,” Australian environmentalist Bob Brown said today.

“It is a tribute to the millions who have backed Sea Shepherd’s courageous peaceful obstruction of the Japanese slaughter of whales in recent years that this needless and illegal slaughter has been brought to an end.”

“Japan’s ongoing whale killing in the North Pacific will now be the focus of global revulsion until that barbaric spectacle is also brought to an end once and for all,” Brown said.
Contact: Jenny Weber, [email protected]

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