Media Release: 'Frontlines: takayna to Adani' exhibition opens with Queensland Aboriginal elder Adrian Burragubba and Bob Brown

FRONTLINES is an exhibition in Hobart’s Long Gallery celebrating climate activism and protest across Australia, honouring the ecologically valuable wild places and wildlife currently under threat of destruction, the fight for rights and protection of country by Australia’s First Nations and the dedicated activism that is taking place to defend climate and Planet Earth.

The exhibition, hosted by Bob Brown Foundation, has 165 artworks from 73 artists from across Australia. It will be officially opened tomorrow night in Hobart at 6pm by Bob Brown and Adrian Burragubba.

FRONTLINES reflects the dedication, beauty and passion that comes from the environmental protest movement, often inspired by the splendour and plight of nature itself.

Artists include internationally renowned Reg Mombassa, Queensland Aboriginal artist Burragubba and Tasmanian award winning documentary photographer and film maker Matthew Newton. Also exhibiting are emerging and award-winning Tasmanian artists Laura Gillam, Zoe Grey and Josh Andree. A small collection of the internationally renowned #1000Finches project is included in the exhibition.

“This FRONTLINES exhibition comes from defenders of the living planet: from exuberant artists echoing the frontlines of two centuries of ongoing destruction on the island continent of Australia and its island state of Tasmania, as governments put their foot on the bulldozer accelerators. Not since the 1888 parliament voted for a deliberate campaign to ‘extirpate’ the Tasmanian tiger has a more hazardous program of extinction been concocted than with the hapless Black-throated Finch at Queensland’s Adani coal mine site, as highlighted here. Add to that the work of Adrian Burragubba, whose family’s country Adani wants to turn into pits kilometres across. Meanwhile, Tasmania’s new Premier Gutwein expects his laws to jail peaceful Tarkine rainforest defenders for four years to pass parliament by April. FRONTLINES highlights the campaigns to save Earth’s wild places and creatures but is also a fundraiser to support the frontline defenders of nature. This is art in action!” Bob Brown said.

“From Tasmania’s forest battles in takayna / Tarkine to the proposed Adani mine site in the Galilee Basin in Queensland, people are participating in community campaigns, non-violent direct actions and environment and wildlife conservation across Australia. As they defend vulnerable and irreplaceable places, these people and the places they seek to protect, are under direct attack from our Prime Minister, state and federal governments and corporations. Citizens are offering solutions in this age of climate breakdown, proving that people power can protect wild places and protest the destructive attacks on the environment and climate. FRONTLINES is a powerful contribution to the fight to defend and protect the planet and climate,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.


Thursday 29 January – Monday 10 February 2020
10:00am – 6:00pm daily

Friday 31 January 2020, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Exhibition to be opened by Adrian Burragubba, Bob Brown, Jenny Weber

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