Media Release: Gutwein must open STT data: Brown.

The Bob Brown Foundation says it appears that at the heart of the dispute over whether logging in Tasmania makes bushfires worse is the unavailability of information by Sustainable Timbers Tasmania which should be free and on the public record.

“After-the-event fault has been alleged with the University of Tasmania study but it is coming from pro-logging researchers using data which was not there for the university researchers. The premier should require all STT data to be open to any inquirer: it is a public institution running public forests. None of its data should be kept behind closed doors,” Bob Brown said today.

“The Australian National University has found that logging of mainland forests like those in Tasmania makes bushfires worse, not better. That stands. It is logical that ongoing studies will confirm the same here. If the Tasmanian minister for flattening and incinerating native forests has more recent studies showing that logging is good for controlling bushfires, he should release it, along with a full list of the areas burnt by the loggers’ own out-of-control regeneration burns,” Bob Brown said.

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