Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation puts win-win proposal to Hodgman for the magnificent Tyndall Range walk.

Bob Brown Foundation has offered Premier Will Hodgman an alternative track through the Tyndall Range north of Queenstown which is both environmentally and scenically superior to the route announced last Friday.



The Tyndall Range plateau is one of the most fragile alpine regions in the world. It is also highly exposed in the coldest wet part of Australia and scenically marred by developments on all sides.




“The Foundation route improves the experience for walkers by taking them beneath the Tyndall plateau and through beautiful lake country while protected by the magnificent range backdrop from the prevailing west and northwesterly rain and snow-bearing winds. Lake Huntley, the area the Premier’s helicopter landed in - beside the lake - is more scenic than standing atop the 300 metres cliff looking down. This is much the same as waterfalls being viewed better from the bottom than the top. Out track option goes this way,” Bob Brown said.



Image one: Cushion plants on the plateau. Image two: Edge of plateau, alternate track route behind lakes.


“The Tyndalls plateau is very fragile, never burnt alpine country and will suffer much more from thousands of visitors walking over it and going off-track each year. The eastern alternative is more robust and more prospective to lodges if these must be built there. For the sake of future visitors, we urge the government to fine-tune this proposal: that would be a win-win outcome. We also urge Premier Hodgman to spend the $20 million for a publicly made and available Tyndalls track rather than for another top-end product out of the reach of the punters,” Bob Brown said.


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Further information: Adam Burling, Media Manager, [email protected]



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