Media Release: Outrage over 3 days gaol for protester

Bob Brown has today shown support for gaoled Tarkine defender Billy Rodwell.

Billy Rodwell is being held in Launceston’s remand centre before he appears in the Magistrates court on Monday. The police have charged him with “pushing a gate into” the security guard twice. Tasmania police statement says the security guard was uninjured.

“Young Billy has been jailed for three days for an alleged offence in which no one was injured. That offence is denied. The police had all day Friday to bring him before a magistrate and did not,” Bob Brown said.

“First the government has vilified the peaceful environmental defenders of the Tarkine as ‘radical extremists’ which is completely untrue. Now we are seeing efforts to falsely make out that these good citizens, standing up for our heirloom forests, are not peaceful.

This is a cowardly process in which the men in power know they cannot win the environmental argument in public so are aiming to falsely vilify and or jail the environmentalists,” Bob Brown said.

“Premier Gutwein should be ashamed of the whole tawdry process. The Gutwein government is using workers as fodder to cover up for this multinational company's push to dump its toxic waste in the Tarkine rainforest. We will not be coerced in this way”, Bob Brown said.

“Saving the Tarkine rainforests and wildlife is essential for Tasmania in this age of climate emergency and the catastrophic global extinction crisis, especially when MMG admits it has other places to put its toxic wastes,” Bob Brown said.


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