Media Release: Cable logging in Swift Parrot habitat and feeding grounds exposed

Forestry Tasmania and the Forest Practices Authority -the body responsible for protecting and ensuring the survival our endangered species - have sanctioned cable logging in a coupe with verified Swift Parrots feeding ground. Forestry Tasmania has planned and commissioned the logging, and the Forest Practices Authority ( FPA) has determined that the logging, currently occurring within the Swift Parrot’s core range in the state's deep southern forests, is ticked off to resume.

Over the past two years, Bob Brown Foundation in conjunction with experts in the field has been running citizen science surveys of areas of potential Swift Parrot habitat. ANU Conservation Scientist Dr Matthew Webb visited the site recently with Bob Brown Foundation.

"The number of newly fledged SP in this area is a rare event to witness and it's very clear this is an extremely important location. The evidence of successful breeding here exceeds anywhere else I have seen this season and is equivalent to the most productive sites elsewhere in the breeding range," said Dr Matt Webb.

"This cannot be ignored if we are serious about preventing the extinction of swift parrots. How decision-makers deal with this scenario in terms of the threat posed by logging here will be another litmus test for the industry and government," said Dr Webb.

The presence of Swift Parrot within the coupe has been verified and corroborated by the FPA.

“The system is failing. Potential nest trees, habitat and feeding grounds are being cable logged while the FPA hides behind weasel words like ‘minimise the risk to the species’ while endorsing the extinction of this critically endangered species”, said Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner Erik Hayward.

“This duplicity proves that there are no enforced protections for our Swift Parrots, and there is no accountability for the demise of this critically endangered species. The protocols in place are arbitrary and inadequate and the Forest Practices Plans are inept at capturing or protecting the values held within each forest area.

It is a sorry state of the times when citizen science has to voluntarily uncover, document and police that which a government enterprise such as Forestry Tasmania is tasked to perform. It receives millions of dollars of taxpayer funds and still fails in its duty and responsibility," said Mr Haywood.

BBF will be continuing our surveys for the fastest parrot in the world as they prepare their new young fledglings for a long haul flight to the mainland.

“The time for this morally moribund industry is over. We must end native forest logging if we are to save species like the Swift Parrot” said Mr Hayward.

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