Media Release: One hundred citizens join fifth annual Tarkine BioBlitz

More than 100 citizens have headed into Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine to participate in the annual Tarkine BioBlitz. Forty wildlife and vegetation surveys will be carried out in the Tarkine BioBlitz over the next three days.

“Our Tarkine BioBlitz is a festival of science in nature in one of the world’s last wild places. Exploring the threatened forests, rivers and remote coastline, we record as many living things as possible over three days,” said Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber.

Bob Brown Foundation’s annual event has attracted 150 experts and enthusiasts to north-western Tasmania for intensive field work to count and document the native species in takayna / Tarkine. Over the last four BioBlitzs, 300 species have been counted, and new species identified.

“BioBlitz is a citizen science project that encourages people to explore the natural world and showcases the spectacular rainforests, rivers, coast and plains of takayna / Tarkine.”

“Finding unknown and endangered species is a highlight of the BioBlitz. This unique event adds to the scientific knowledge of this wild, ancient and threatened place,” said BioBlitz Science Coordinator Nick Fitzgerald.

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