Media Release: Trans Tarkine Track Business Case Study Released

Trans Tarkine Track to showcase Aboriginal culture and natural beauty to the world – Business case released

The Bob Brown Foundation, Tasmanian Aboriginal community representatives and Ken Boundy today released the business case that lays out the economic benefits and commercial viability of a $25 million Trans Tarkine Track, proposed for Northwest Tasmania.

Bob Brown said, ‘The Trans Tarkine Track would provide a 10 day walk over 100km. It would take visitors across takayna / Tarkine’s diverse, World Heritage-quality Aboriginal cultural sites and natural landscapes.



‘We are calling on the Federal Government to provide $25 million for capital works and establishment costs, as a national investment in tourism, Aboriginal culture and employment and Northwest Tasmania’s regional economy.

‘The track would be owned and managed by Tasmania, through the Parks and Wildlife Service. It should generate revenues for PWS of over $1 million in year one, rising to over $2 million in
year three,’ said Mr Brown.

Heather Sculthorpe, CEO of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre said, ‘This track will help deliver empowerment to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community immediately through 4 indigenous ranger positions and over the long-term by building an enhanced, international profile of palawa culture and history.’

Graeme Gardner, Manager of the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania said, ‘An Elder would attend one day or night of the walk, to provide a cultural experience for guests. This would be a ‘journey of learning’ for non-Aboriginal walkers and a source of pride in Aboriginal culture and history.’

Ken Boundy, former Managing Director of Tourism Australia, said, ‘This Track can create direct

employment equivalent to 15 full-time positions, focused in the economically-challenged Northwest of the state.’

Patronage projections suggest the Track would attract about 5,670 walkers in year one, rising to 10,530 walkers in year three. About 5% of these would be paying additionally for a commercial operator, who would run guided walks, providing a higher degree of service, at $2,000 for a 5 day walk and $3,600 for a 10 day walk. The commercial operation would be viable by year three.’

Since 2015 a consortium of stakeholders has supported the Track, including the major tourism bodies operating and / or located in the Tarkine. These include Corinna Wilderness Lodge, Tarkine Wilderness Lodge, Tarkine Trails and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Bob Brown Foundation has invested $140 000 in design, economic analysis and community consultation, to develop the concept and business case for the Trans Tarkine Track. The business case was developed by PwC Indigenous Consulting.

More information:
The Trans Tarkine Track Business Case Study is available for download here
Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner, 0427 366 929

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