Media Release: Deer disaster unfolds as minister watches on.

Tasmania is in the midst of a deer disaster, with the destructive feral species rapidly spreading west and south through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) while minister Guy Barnett counts how many and puts the environment last on the list of concerns, Bob Brown Foundation said today.

“The incompetence is monumental. The long term cost to taxpayers will be astronomical. While Barnett is flying uselessly over what he quaintly calls this invasive animal’s ‘traditional area’, the deer population is expanding with unprecedented speed, out of control, elsewhere - in the island state’s most important asset, the TWWHA.

“If he turned the heat camera on his own action plan it would record a blank."

The fact that Barnett is only now making public his aerial surveys from nearly a year ago, says everything about the government’s failure to treat this damaging infestation seriously,” Bob Brown said.

“The deer are moving much faster than this minister is thinking.”

“As to the management plan which the Liberals have been hinting at for years, there is none, on or off the drawing board. Nothing.“

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