Media Release: Logging in Tasmania's Styx Valley halted

Police have arrived at a protest as Tasmanian Forest Defenders halt logging in a Styx Valley ancient Regnans forest as part of a National Forest Week of Action calling for an end to native forest logging.

Bob Brown Foundation has returned to Tasmania’s native forests frontline with a commitment to defend critical carbon-storehouses while the government contributes to the global climate and extinction crises by continuing to relentlessly log native forests.

“Saving forests is climate action and now is the time to end all native forest logging across Australia. Forests are worth more standing, but this ancient forest is due for a cable logger to arrive and demolish the ancient carbon sink. Premier Gutwein and Prime Minister Morrison are removing critical tools to mitigating the looming climate emergency - our native forests,” Jenny Weber said.

“Protecting and restoring Australia’s native forests, while keeping fossil fuels in the ground is urgently necessary to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown,” Jenny Weber said.

Billie Raffety, a 19 year old musician and student from Hobart, has locked down one of the logging machines. “I was lucky enough to grow up in nature, to breathe clean air and feel safe in my own home. I am now learning that the air I breathe is becoming dirty, and my home is no longer safe” said Ms Raffety.

“The Morrison Government’s failure to take real and necessary climate action dangerously misses the climate test of taking action in this critical decade we are in now. We will not sit silent while these last remaining life rafts of humanity are being wiped off the face of the planet increasing emissions and removing their critical benefits to climate and wildlife,” Jenny Weber said.

“The tallest flowering plants in the world have suffered under a constant battle to survive against the Tasmanian logging industry’s chainsaws. There are today 264 hectares of native forest in proposed and imminently threatened Forestry Tasmania logging areas just in the Styx catchment area,” Jenny Weber said.

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