Media Release: Two Tarkine defenders arrested halting mine works

Brown calls for laws to protect Tarkine

Today, two brave Tarkine defenders were arrested at the proposed Riley Creek mine site in takayna / Tarkine in Tasmania's North West. Colette Harmsen and Joseph Roe were arrested after locking themselves onto the entrance gate and machinery at the site. They have now been removed.

"I agree with Guy Barnett but what is needed to end people campaigning to save the Tarkine are laws to protect and return it to the Aboriginal people of Tasmania. The current laws allowing the Tarkine, one of the world’s last unprotected wild and scenic areas, to be logged and mined for short term profits, should be banished to last century. This Riley Creek venture is a precursor for much worse – all for out-of-state profiteers and at the expense of long term jobs in the tourism and hospitality industries,” said Environmentalist Bob Brown today.

Brown’s comments are in response to Minister Barnett claiming today’s environmental protest means the draconian anti-protest laws should be passed by the Legislative Council.

"People are taking action across the globe for the sake of planet Earth. Today we stand for takayna / Tarkine where immense intrinsic values span vast swathes of this majestic landscape, unscarred for hundreds of generations. What is happening here is ecocide. It will not be tolerated," said Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Organiser.

"Today we have seen that in the face of Government action and intimidatory legislation, members of the public will continue to stand up for the heritage values of takayna / Tarkine and the species like the Tasmanian Devil and Spotted-tailed Quoll that rely on it.”

"People like Colette and Joseph who were arrested today in defence of takayna / Tarkine should receive awards, not infringements. We thank them for their passion, and are sure that many Tasmanians share our gratitude. Our campaign to defend and protect takayna / Tarkine will continue as there should be no new mines in the world heritage value Tarkine," said Scott Jordan, Bob Brown Foundation Tarkine Campaigner.

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