Media Release: Six weeks of Tarkine protests

Protests in takayna/Tarkine are entering week six as mining company MMG continues to push roads into Australia’s largest temperate rainforests despite unrelenting opposition from hundreds of people.

Retired maternal health nurse Judith Coram (71) and farmer Cate Mettam (65) are today’s protestors blocking the road into MMG's proposed heavy metals tailings dam site in takayna/Tarkine.

"Judith and Cate will risk arrest this morning, joining the 48 brave citizens who have already been arrested in the past 41 days. Every day more and more people are joining this campaign to defend these ancient rainforests against this obscene and unnecessary destruction", said takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

"MMG can and must cease work in takayna. MMG has been urged to explore its options outside takayna/Tarkine rainforest. Until they do, resistance will continue to grow and disruptions will continue that slow down their destructive operations in the rainforest".

“My birthday gift to my grandson whose birthday is today is to be here to protect takayna, so he can experience the magic of this place in the future,” Cate Mettam said today while protesting.

“I remember very well the impacts of the peaceful protest for the Franklin River and I believe this majestic takayna/Tarkine is equally as important. This takayna/Tarkine needs to be recognized for its world heritage values. This is the first time I’ve participated in an active protest and I am very incensed by the lack of vision and disregard by our politicians to preserve takayna/Tarkine for future generations,” said Judith Coram, while locked onto Cate on the access road to MMGs proposed tailings dam.

MMG has publicly stated that they have several options outside takayna/Tarkine for their tailings dam.

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