Media Release: Forest Agreements Underpin Destruction of Wildlife Rich Forest Habitat

The landmark Federal Court decision in the case of Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum v VicForests is a huge win for the wildlife in Victoria’s forests.

“Regional Forest Agreements are underpinning the destruction of wildlife-rich forest habitat. The Victorian judgment draws attention to the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement’s failure to protect wildlife, economic and carbon values in native forests.

The Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement had an absurd clause inserted by Premier Paul Lennon and Prime Minister John Howard which states that endangered species are protected simply because the agreement says so. It is an Alice in Wonderland clause which, in Tasmania’s case, the Federal court upheld,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Sus Timbers Tasmania’s forest practices promote the decline of species such as the Swift Parrot and Tasmanian devil,” Jenny Weber said.

“Most Tasmanians are unaware that STT’s logging is driving species to extinction while exempt from the national Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act.

When a forestry agency’s practices are exposed to sunlight and carefully scrutinised it shows they do not deliver protection of threatened species. Tasmania’s nationally-significant species such as the Swift Parrot, Masked Owl, Wedge-Tailed Eagle and Tasmanian Devil are being pushed to extinction by STT’s clearfelling and burning of forests and an ecologically corrupt RFA,” Jenny Weber said.

“Native forest logging needs to stop to ensure protection of threatened species and climate mitigating values and to end the decades long protection of the logging industry,” Jenny Weber said.

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