Media Release: NSW Forestry Corporation continues logging natural habitat inside plantations despite investigations by certifiers

Bob Brown Foundation (BBF) can confirm, following field assessments by its citizen scientists, that the Forestry Corporation NSW (FCNSW) is continuing to log native habitat trees within the public plantation estate, despite investigations undertaken by two certification schemes to which FCNSW is accredited.

“Remnant native forests inside plantations are important as they are connected with the surrounding native forest. They provide nutrients to the soil and important habitat for wildlife. They also help with soil and water retention. It’s not ok to log remnant forests, they are there for many reasons and forestry can’t just do as they please.”

Earlier this year, Accreditation Services International (ASI) conducted an assessment of operations in Tarkeeth State Forest, supplying Forest Stewardship Council-accredited plantation timber to Queensland Commodity Exports, a subsidiary of Victoria-based woodchipping giant Midway. ASI identified a range of risks associated with logging in Tarkeeth, including lack of stakeholder consultation and the potential for high conservation value areas, including koala habitat, to enter the QCE supply chain. QCE has since halted the receipt of timber from FCNSW.

On-ground assessments conducted by citizen scientists in Orara East State Forest have confirmed the presence of natural habitat and native forest trees inside the public plantation estate. Stop-work orders in several plantation areas, including Orara East SF, Boambee SF, Bulls Ground SF, and Newry SF. More areas are under investigation by teams active across the Mid North Coast. These areas are certified against the Australian Forestry Standard, overseen by Responsible Wood Australia.

“It seems incredible that NSW forestry would continue to log in areas where there are active allegations concerning the conversion of native forests to plantations and the removal of potential koala habitat. Forestry has already lost one customer and more will follow unless it lifts its game,” said BBF Campaigner Doro Babeck.

“This cuts to the very credibility of independent forest management certification. Everyone supports the use of plantation timber from sustainably managed areas, but what is happening inside our public plantations is far from sustainable,” Doro Babaeck said.

“We are calling for an immediate halt to logging in these areas and the protection of all remaining native forest inside and outside NSW plantations. Otherwise, how can the public have any confidence that timber sourced from NSW plantations is free of contamination from old-growth, rainforest and habitat trees?”


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