Libs’ policy may make the spread of deer worse - Brown

“The spread of deer in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area has increased under the Hodgman government. The TWWHA is being invaded by feral deer and control lines should be set, with special funding, or the outcome will be a costly spread throughout the island’s national parks, Bob Brown says.

“Deer control can no more be a recreational matter than fire-fighting or weed control.

“The Liberal policy of open seasons for recreational hunters in our national parks rather than a disciplined, professional and science-based operation will compound the problem. It is a cheap cop-out and will more likely spread than eradicate the deer.

“There should be a census, monitoring and control lines such as the Lake Highway. It requires a multifaceted approach in which shooting invading deer will be but one component. It requires a specialised effort, not the game council proposed by Hodgman, in the hands of the Parks and Wildlife officers managing the vast region.


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