Media Release: Footage exposes Tasmanian old growth logging

Video of native forest destruction in central Tasmania’s Wentworth Hills has been released by conservationists occupying the forests and monitoring the area for endangered species.

“For the first time in more than a decade footage of Tasmania’s forest giants has been captured while the logging is taking place. The Tasmanian government is destroying the island’s wild forests behind locked gates, hidden from view,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Native Forest Organiser Dr Lisa Searle said.

“The forests falling in Wentworth Hills is 100% old growth. These ancient trees being logged contain hollows which provide habitat for important threatened species such as the Masked Owl,” Dr Searle said.

“What a Tasmanian heartbreak! Old growth forests that have stood for hundreds of years is being felled in a matter of moments and important wildlife habitat removed forever,” Dr Lisa Searle said.

“Large scale removal of Tasmania’s giant ancient trees is occurring for woodchips and for the controversial Borneo logging giants exporting our forests for their profits. The loss of critical carbon stores in this climate emergency, and wildlife-rich old forests in this age of extinction, needs to halt immediately,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Intensive logging is reducing the extent and quality of old growth forest in these remote regions. In Wentworth Hills alone, almost 1000 hectares in 19 areas of scheduled logging coupes, are targeted for flattening and incineration by the taxpayer-funded Forestry Tasmania,” Jenny Weber said.

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  • Adam Burling
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