The Gutwein government’s forest authority, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, is firebombing logged forests to complete their utter destruction for a closing-down export industry the Bob Brown Foundation said today. The aim of the logging and aerial firebombing with napalm is to destroy any vestige of the natural forest and its wildlife habitat, to facilitate the fast-growing replacement crops for export.

“Perversely, the Gutwein government has removed everyone from national parks including the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area but urged the forest destroyers to carry on business-as-usual right next door. These are publicly-owned forests. The burning of nesting sites of the critically endangered Swift Parrot at DN007C is an abominable act,” the Foundation’s Jenny Weber said tonight.

The Tree Project’s Steven Pearce was climbing in forests within 1km of this coupe in late 2019 and had 8 swift parrots foraging in the same tree. During the logging, citizens staged a peaceful walk-in protest and documented these alarming old growth stumps from ancient eucalyptus trees. The timber from these forests was supplied to the controversial Malaysian logging giant, Ta Ann, which has now closed and put off its 36 workers due to collapsing markets.

Sus. Timbers Tasmania does advise people with respiratory problems affected by their smoke to take precautions or get help.

“Our Foundation launched an online email campaign yesterday for citizens to urge governments to call off these burns. In Tasmania and Victoria, Australia the governments are currently incinerating large quantities of logging waste and putting further stress on people during a global respiratory pandemic. We are urging both Governments to transfer the funds from post-logging firebombs to ventilators and stop wasting public money on this destruction,” Jenny Weber said.

“These burns are not essential services, they should be stopped for ecological, climate and economic reasons,” Jenny Weber said.

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  • Laraine Acfield
    commented 2020-03-28 21:42:42 +1100
    This is madness. Stop fire bombing and destroying the forests. Put your energies into helping the world.