Media Release: Salmon plot confirmed: Brown.

Today’s revelation of a federal-state Liberals agreement for Tasmanian fish farming to expand beyond the five-kilometre state jurisdiction into Commonwealth waters confirms the secret maps made public by Neighbours of Fish Farming at the Cygnet Town Hall meeting nine days ago, Bob Brown said in Cygnet this afternoon.

“While the premier and other politicians said no such maps exist, this announcement says that they do. The government politicians have been forced into endorsing this astonishing expansion long before they otherwise would have. This agreement is politicians going behind the public’s back, at the behest of the salmon companies and the out-of-state billionaires lining up to take them over, to steal Tasmania’s publicly-owned oceans.

The plan is to bring enormous fish pens using Norwegian design, and manufactured in Chinese shipyards, to Tasmania to seize our offshore waters for industrial fish farming, wind farms, and potential hydrogen production - massive integrated off-shore factories - with no public consultation. This is politicians colluding against the Tasmanian public interest with a disgusting disdain for the people who will bear the burden of environmental, lifestyle, and scenic degradation coming down the line.

Duniam and Barnett have treated their fellow Tasmanians with contempt. It took community group Neighbours of Fish Farming to force this monumental plot to exploit Tasmania’s seas out into the open," said Bob Brown.


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