Bob Brown says IPCC report “mealy mouthed” and dangerous.

Today’s IPCC report is mealy mouthed and dangerous because it fails to tackle the world’s political delinquents like Australia, Bob Brown said today.

“Governments like Australia’s Morrison government will feel relieved that this stodgy panel of scientific conservatives has flagged that there may be more time than previously thought to take the drastic action required to turn around global heating. It is a mistake to give politicians subservient to the fossil fuel industry the message that things aren’t as bad as was thought, especially as the real impacts of global heating - coral death, cyclonic storms, bushfires, droughts, glacial melting, super-heated cities - is so obviously getting worse.”


Tasmanian World Heritage Area after bushfires in 2016

As Nature, International Journal of Science, reports today:

In the meantime, the newer and larger carbon budget could send the wrong message to policymakers, says Oliver Geden, a social scientist and visiting fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany. He fears that the IPCC report undersells the difficulty of achieving the 1.5 °C goal. “It’s always five minutes to midnight, and that is highly problematic,” he says. “Policymakers get used to it, and they think there’s always a way out.”


“The global heating emergency is upon us and the IPCC is sending the wrong signal to assuage political fire. In the lifetimes of our children the blame for the massive cost of this failure, in terms of dollars and security, will be sheeted home not just to the fossil fuel industry but to powerful groups like the IPCC who hedged their bets,” Brown said.


Tasmanian World Heritage Area after bushfires in 2016


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  • Steve Morvell
    commented 2018-10-09 10:13:17 +1100
    humans need to take money out of the equation and consider the future of our species because (along with most other species) that is what is at risk right here and right now….on this….the only planet we have.
  • Quentin Dempster
    commented 2018-10-08 17:19:32 +1100
    We now need radical and rapid reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors of the consumer economy: electricity generation (renewables/battery storage); transport (EVs recharged by renewables); transformative behavioral change in personal consumption + new technologies to sequester carbon and actually scrub carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.