Protesters from the Bob Brown Foundation have returned to the contentious site of rainforest destruction in Australia’s largest temperate rainforests this morning.

Two trucks attempting to take in roading materials have been halted by a woman who has attached herself to one of the trucks.

“We have closed the road to give MMG the option to withdraw their machines and move out of takayna/Tarkine’s rainforests. Instead of sending in the police, withdraw your machines and plans to continue with this damaging proposed tailings dam,” Bob Brown Foundations Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“New access roads into the Tarkine’s rainforests are unnecessary. MMG don’t need to be carrying out this geotechnical drilling for their proposed tailings dam because it will cause enormous damage in a time when we have a global biodiversity and climate crises that require intact forests to remain intact.

This proposed heavy metals tailings dam will destroy 285 hectares of rainforests, tall eucalyptus endangered species habitat, and melaleuca forests,” Bob Brown Foundations Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“MMG should abandon their plan to out this tailings dam in the forests of takayna/Tarkine and pursue its alternate locations,” Jenny Weber said.


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