Media Release: Tasmanian Government's deer plan set to fail

The Tasmanian Government’s five year Wild Fallow Deer Management Plan fails at the first hurdle because it refuses to recognise fallow deer as feral animals and continues to partly protect them as a hunting resource.

"Fallow deer are a feral species in Tasmania. Like rabbits, blackbirds, blackberries and gorse, they were introduced to the state in the 19th Century and are a destructive, alien invasive species.

In every other state of Australia except Victoria deer are regarded as a feral pest species and prevention, eradication and/or minimization of impact is prioritised, consistent with the world’s best practice in dealing with alien invasive species. But in Tasmania, the Government’s so called ‘ balanced’ approach is not scientific or evidence based, it is designed to appease hunters and has seen deer numbers escalate to the point where deer can now be found in the World Heritage Area," said Bob Brown Foundation spokesperson Christine Milne.

"Whilst we welcome the introduction of three zones and the lifting of all restrictions on the deer take in Zone 3, the Minister has not released an implementation plan, there is no five year target on the size of the deer population in 2027 or any specific goals about the extent of eradication in the World Heritage Area or satellite populations by that time.

Vague goals do not address the urgency of the problem or the effort that needs to be invested now to get these feral animals out of our high conservation and wilderness areas.

The Bob Brown Foundation does not agree that ‘in the existing hunting area in the TWWHA, hunting will continue to support the goal of managing the population’. This strategy has failed to reduce the numbers or curb the spread to date. Professional shooters need to be used with the goal of eradication," said Christine Milne.

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  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2022-02-27 16:59:49 +1100